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Set yourself apart from other applicants!!
Let's film your Self-introduction Video

What is the Self-introduction Video?

In the Self-introduction Video, you can directly appeal to a company by sharing your persoanlity, hobbies, and motivation to work.Employers can also view these videos, so it's a great way to express yourself in ways that you can't do in just a profile.

  • "I can speak Japanese, but I'm still not hired for some reason."
  • "I want them to know more about me."
  • "Writing a resume is difficult."

If these apply to you, let's try appealing to employers through video. Even if you can't write well in Japanese, speaking skills can translate to being hired.

selfy woman
  • You will need about 5 minutes!
  • All you need is a smartphone!
  • Tell us about your hobbies and work enthusiasm!

Comments from people who filmed a Self-introduction Video

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I,S-san (Korea)

This was perfect for me because I have so little time♪

I am always so busy with school work that it took me awhile to look for a part time job. I filmed the Self-introduction Video during my school lunch break and was quickly able to apply to jobs! I'm now working hard at my translating job♪

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R,N-san (The Philippines)

I was worried about my Japanese...

I wanted to show my true self in the video, so I tried talking about my hobbies! I wasn't confident in my Japanese yet, but I felt so satisfied when the company contacted me for a in-person interview!

FAQ about the Self-introduction Video

What is included in the Self-introduction Video?

Name/Nationality/Age/Closest station/Skills/Hobbies
What you like about Japan/Why you came to Japan/etc. Talk about whatever you like!
You can retake the video, so you can relax while you're filming.

Can I stop filming in the middle of it? Or can I redo the video?

Yes you can.
If you stop at the middle, you will continue from where you left.
You can redo the video so relax while doing it.
Self-introduction videos can also be recorded from Profile Settings.

Is it better to wear a suit?

You can film with either a suit or your everyday clothes. The workplace people will look at it so be aware the cleanness of your clothes, hair, makeup.