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Get paid while you train for your new job!

YOLO Academia

YOLO Academia is a new training service that increases your chances of getting employed by teaching you Japanese business manners and language in the period between applying and interviewing for select jobs. The program is around one month long (or 20 - 100 hours). You'll receive pay while learning Japanese business manners, so you can participate without impacting your lifestyle.

YOLO Academia features

”Things you can do” at YOLO Academia

YOLO Academia's structure

First, choose a YOLO Academia eligible job that you are interested in, and apply.

From the applicants, the company will choose candidates that they would like to have work for them. The selected candidates will undergo training.

Interview with the company.

You will receive an email from the company. Set day and time, and try your best at the interview!

Successful candidates undergo job training

Congratulations on your new position! Before starting your job, you will be joining a 100 hours training, You'll be paid for your training!

What YOLO Academia teaches you

Basic Japanese
Japanese business manners
Customer service phrases, etc. based on the type of job

Why train with YOLO Academia?

Improve your Japanese communication skills
Learn the business manners used in Japanese companies
Obtain a certificate that you can use for job searching and interviews

YOLO Academia student interview

Example of training schedule

Training period: 4 weeks total (5 hours per day x 20 days)

How to participate in YOLO Academia

Start by applying for an eligible job!
Few days after applying, you will receive an interview request via email.
Have the interview with the company.
Join the training! After the job training, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.
After the training, you will be starting your job at the company designated location.


Does it cost money to participate?

Can anyone participate?

What time does the training start?

Do you absolutely have to do an interview after training?

When do I get paid?