Today I work only day time, or at night

Working freely depending on your schedule and mood...
YOLO Delivery allows you to work the way you are.

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YOLO Delivery

is a service for restaurants mainly in Namba area in Osaka. It is a delivering service which can be used by restaurants without paying any extra charge on their food or drinks, paying only monthly fees.

Limitedly recruiting YOLO Delivery staff

We are recruiting foreigners who would like to work as delivery staff in Namba, Osaka area
who holds work permit. YOLO Delivery staff caters food to customers as restaurants take orders.
With a simple salary system you may work and earn money when you want.

What’s work permit?


Simple salary system

You get paid for the amount of deliveries.
You may work whenever you wish and earn money in your free time.


The number of delivery staff is limited.

We control the number of the delivery staff,
so you may estimate certain amount of salary with limited number of staff running the service.


Delivery staff are foreigners living in Japan.

Limited to foreigners with enthusiasm to work!
We wish to provide opportunities to take important roles to foreigners living in Japan.

Details of the delivery service

Increasing incomes of the delivery staff Delivery team is formed by limited number of high-passionated staff.
You may work and earn money when you want
without spending any time or resources to earn orders.
Today I work only day time, or at night YOLO Delivery staff may work freely on weekdays and weekends.
It allows you to work the way you want along your mood and schedule.
Opportunities for foreigners to work It is non-sense that you struggle to find jobs because you are foreigners.
We, YOLO JAPAN, continues to put on efforts to allow foreigners to win the
environment when you can live in Japan happily through YOLO Delivery
Apply for delivery staff position

contributes in problem solving through
YOLO Delivery.

YOLO Delivery provides service which satisfies all people who are involved:restaurants, customers, and delivery staff. YOLO JAPAN, which operates YOLO Delivery, runs recuriting media for foreigners in Japan that connects companies that struggle to hire employees and over 160,000 users who are foreigners that are eager to work and take great role in Japan.

To restaurants who are interested in
YOLO Delivery service.

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