Promotion / 2021.07.09

YOLO MOBILE Data Double Promotion, running now!★

We introduce you with “Data Double Campaign”, from YOLO MOBILE!

If you apply now, you can get double the data for the same original plan price! It is a very convenient chance!

《Promotion Details》

Target users

For those who are using YOLO MOBILE SIM card and your payment method is credit card, direct debit, or various Pay services

※For those who pay at convenience store payment (Smart Pit), the campaign will be available for up to 2 months for the new application. If you change to the applicable payment method, the amount of data will be increased after the third month.

Amount of data for each plan

3GB plan → 6GB

6GB plan → 12GB

12GB plan → 25GB

20GB plan → 50GB

Initial fee payment method

Cash on delivery, Smart Pit, credit card, various Pay services

Apply here

《How to apply》

①Apply through YOLO MOBILE

②Fill out the application form


Contract handling fee 3,300 yen(Includes tax) + The basic monthly fee is charged for the following month

④You can start to use it as soon as you receive it!

Same-day delivery at the earliest and free shipping!

Apply here

《If you are planning to pay at convenience stores》

For those who use the “Data Double Campaign” and pay the usage fee at convenience stores, the campaign special price will last only 2 months.

If you need an alternative payment method, why don’t you request YOLO Card, the prepaid card tailored for foreigners, and get to use the campaign for longer? 

【Why to choose YOLO Card?】

✅ No examination, so everyone can issue it

✅ No need of a Japanese Bank account

✅ You can postpay as you would with a Credit Card

✅ Application process available in 6 languages(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Portuguese)

You only need your Residence Card to apply! Check it now! ▼

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