Promotion / 2022.09.08

Get up to 10,000 yen?! Self-introduction video filming promotion★

Thank you for always using YOLO JAPAN!

We are holding a promotion for all YOLO JAPAN users to film their self-introduction video!Of the users who film a self-introduction video to promote themselves, one winner will be chosen by lottery to receive a 10,000 yen promotion prize (YOLO CARD charge)!

Additionally, get an extra chance to win as 10 users will be chosen to receive a 3,000 yen entry prize (YOLO CARD charge)!

If you haven't filmed your self-introduction video yet, use this promotion as a chance to film it and appeal to companies!You might even get some scout messages?!

Even if you've already filmed your self-introduction video, you can film an updated video to appeal to companies even more!

Promotion prize [1 user]

    ...10,000 yen YOLO CARD charge

Entry prize [10 users]

    ... 3,000 yen YOLO CARD charge

~What is the Self-introduction Video~

It's a video where you can promote your personality, interests, and motivation to work directly to companies. You don't need to be able to write in Japanese!The companies will be able to see your video and see appealing things about you that aren't portrayed in your profile.

"I can speak Japanese, but I never get hired."

"I want the company to know more about me."

"Resumes are difficult to write."

If any of the statements above describe you, try appealing to companies through your video. Even if you can't write in Japanese, sometimes all you need to do is speak to get hired!

Example video

Click here for detailed information about the self-introduction video and a sample video↓↓↓


Promotion details


Promotion period: September 2, 2022 (Fri) - October 25, 2022 (Tue)

Eligibility: All YOLO JAPAN users who film a self-introduction video

*A YOLO CARD is necessary to receive the YOLO CARD charge remuneration.

*You can signup for a YOLO CARD for free


Remuneration distribution


*Winners will be contacted in order starting on Novermber 1, 2022 (Tue).

*Only lottery winners will be contacted.


How to participate in the promotion


① Film your self-introduction videoClick here to film your self-introduction video↓↓↓

Film your self-introduction video

② Click the entry button on this page

③ Entry complete!!

*For users who already have a YOLO CARD

Click here to enter↓↓↓


★★About YOLO Card★★

No bank account necessary!

A YOLO Card can be made by just registering your residence card and is convenient for online shopping!

A deferred payment function that allows you to shop on the spot and make the payment by the end of the following month is included.

The application process
1. Register member information
2. Issuance of application number
3. Download the 'Epre' app
4. App membership registration (enter the application number you received in STEP 2)
5. Issuance of your virtual card

↓Click here to apply for a YOLO Card↓