Promotion / 2019.07.18

YOLO JAPAN 100,000 Users Celebration Campaign! Apply for a part-time or full-time job and be entered into a contest to win tickets to a popular theme park!

Thank you for always using YOLO JAPAN.

The number of YOLO JAPAN's registered users has reached 100,000!

~~~To express our gratitude, we decided to have a 100,000 Users Celebration Campaign~~~

We will present a pair of tickets to a popular theme park (Kanto) to three people who have been selected!

Please make some wonderful memories with your friends in Japan!

■How to Apply All you have to do is apply for a part-time or full-time position you like through YOLO JAPAN(^^) Search for a Part-time Job Search for a Full-time Job ■Those who are eligible to receive this prize People who applied for a part-time or full-time job between 18/07/2019 11:00  - 02/09/2019 18:00 ■Date of distribution and method Tickets will be sent to the winners by September 30, 2019. ■Please be Aware ・Even if you have applied multiple full-time or part-time positions, we will only be able to give out 1 pair of tickets per person. ・The contents and time period of this campaign are subject to change without notice. We appreciate your understanding. ・Results of the lottery will only be sent to the winners. If you have not received an email by 9/7 you have unfortunately not been selected as a winner. ・Please refrain from applying to jobs if you have no intention of working.

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