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News / 2023.05.10

【 International Cafeteria in OSAKA vol.7 】2 June 2023 (Friday) ☆

"The world's most recognized dance artists, including Michael Jackson and Madonna."
Kento Mori will be coming to international cafeteria!

「Celebration of Life. みんなで踊ろう。あなたとの出会いを待ってます♪」

This time, world-famous dancer Kento Mori will come to PRIDE themed International Cafetaria held at YOLO BASE! Let's liven up the International Cafetaria through dance.

Dance with all the participants and bring your hearts together! Because dance doesn't differentiate from which country or what gender you are, and you can enjoy it without words, so it's perfect for this theme♪

The event registration fee is free!

The event starts at 18:00, and Kento Mori's stage starts at 18:30!!!

Please come on time♡
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~ International Cafeteria ~

"Just having a full stomach makes us happy"

A place where children and adults can interact regardless of nationality.
A place where everyone can enjoy a warm meal together.
A place where you can have fun while studying Japanese.
A place where you can seize opportunities for the future.

That is what International Cafeteria is.

The theme this time is PRIDE🌈🌈

In order to create a society that respects diversity, we chose "PRIDE" as the theme. Since June is known as "PRIDE Month" worldwide, we will be holding International Cafetaria in collaboration with Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau! 
And let's check messages that we received from Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau! ↓

「3月7日にアジア初となる『IGLTA 世界総会2024』大阪開催が決定しました。大阪は、誰もが安心して楽しむことができる『持続可能な観光都市』を目指しており、多様性を重視した取組みの一つとして、『LGBTQツーリズム』についてもいち早く展開してきたところです。『いのち輝く未来社会のデザイン』をテーマに掲げる大阪・関西万博 2025 とIGLTA世界総会、二つのビックイベントを通じて、『北は北海道』から『南は沖縄』まで、日本の魅力を LGBTQ の皆様にしっかりと発信し、世界ナンバー1のLGBTQフレンドリー都市の実現を目指していきます。」

🌈PRIDE Special Contents🌈
①Let's learn the meaning of PRIDE rainbow colors together! 🌈 
②Rainbow sweets for sale at the restaurant🌈
③Rainbow Photo Booth Available! 🌈 


Date 2 June 2023 (Friday) 18:00 - 20:00


 Non-Japanese people living in Japan
Location  YOLO BASE 3 Chome-13-24 Ebisunishi, Naniwa Ward, Osaka, 556-0003(7-minute walk from the Nankai Railway Shin-Imamiya Station, 10-minute walk from the Osaka Metro Dōbutsuen-mae Station)
Cost Free
In collaboration with
 BORDERLESS HOUSE Corporation,Daiichigakuin High School,
    Hakuto Gakuin Kenkoku High School, OGSAN,
    Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau,Miura Peninsula Food Store,
    Mononobe Company Inc, S&B FOODS INC. (Alphabetical order)
How to participate
 After applying for participation from the following link, please come to YOLO BASE.
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18:00~ International cafeteria START !
18:15~ Stage contents start! KENTO MORI Special Performance!
19:00~ Meal time!
20:00   Ending with a group photo!

~Fun for both adults and children Dining x Interaction~

No money is required!
Let's have dinner and socialize with people of different generations and nationalities, from children to adults.
Make friends, share your problems and concerns about life in Japan, or share your experiences with other participants and have a good time!

~Chance to find a job~

At the international cafeteria, you can look for a job that allows you to work in Japan.
If you are looking for a job, please visit our booth!

〜Healthcare Consultation〜

I haven't been able to find anyone I can consult with since I've been in Japan, .I am afraid of going to the hospital in Japan.You can consult with a nurse in Japanese or English for free!

Make a booking here ▼
Counseling Reservation form

There are so many benefits to participating in "International Cafeteria in YOLO BASE"!

★ You can eat delicious meal for free

★ You can make friends with Japanese and non-Japanese

★ You can consult about your problems

★ You can learn Japanese like Japanese in a fun way

★ You can create opportunities to get a job

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