Promotion / 2020.10.14

YOLO Academia Caregiving Job 10.000 yen Special Promotion

What is this promotion?

Great news if you are looking for caregiving positions!
It is a Promotional Giveaway where all YOLO Academia successful candidates can win ¥10,000.

Grab this opportunity to get your next job, plus a cash prize!

■What is YOLO Academia?

YOLO Academia is a new program to support working foreigners in Japan.

The perfect program for:

☑People who want to work but are worried about their Japanese level. 
☑People who want to master their Japanese Business manners.
☑People interested in Caregiving jobs. 

After you apply to YOLO Academia offer and get selected, you enter a job training course as an Academia student.
Here you get the chance to study Japanese language and business manners and to get knowledge about your next position.  

Why paying money for study?

Since YOLO Academia is supported by sponsoring companies, with this program you get to study while getting paid instead. 

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■What about the course content?

①Japanese for business situations

・Formal Japanese registers
・How to ask questions
・How to hold a phone conversation
・How to make requests, how to refuse etc.

②Business manners and regulations 

・Grooming and greetings
・How to exchange business cards
・Regulations on labor and health and safety rules etc.

③Knowledge about the related job

・For care industry, you can get the care worker qualification

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Voices from YOLO Academia Alumni

  • 「I am so glad for this chance! Normally I should have paid money for study Japanese, but with YOLO Academia I was able to learn so many new things while getting money as a plus」(Former student from Spain)

  • 「Learning about the necessary manners on Japan's workplace was a huge plus to master my Japanese」(Former student from the Republic of Zambia)

    「I learned the difference between polite and humble register. I will surely use them in the future!」(Former student from Colombia)

■Promotion requirements

The Giveaway is directed to holders of the follwoing visas:
・Permanent Visa holders
・Resident Visa holders
・Permanent Visa Spouse holders  or  Resident Visa Spouse holders

■How to receive the ¥10,000

You will receive your cash payment via Seven payment by one month after the end of the YOLO Academia term.

What is Seven payment?

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