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Providing further opportunities for foreign nationals living in Japan

To help foreign nationals in Japan achieve a same quality of life as Japanese people in Japan, YOLO JAPAN introduces high hourly paying jobs and support with credit card issuance.

The website can be read in 6 languages

Full-time jobs

Move up!
Work as a full-time employee in Japan.

For example…

Work for an IT company! Looking for a system engineer♪


Use your sense of fashion for work♪ Looking for staff to work at a clothing store


A job just for foreign nationals! Looking for a sales assistant at a trading comany


There is no need to worry even if you do not speak Japanese! Hotel cleaning and management duties♪


Part-time jobs

No need for a resume.
Even if you don’t have much confidence in your Japanese there is no need to worry!

For example…

Hall staff for Raclette Cheese Bar No experience necessary!

Hourly: ¥1,200

Bed Making Japanese not necessary

Hourly: ¥950

Hall・kitchen assistance at a Ramen Shop! No experience necessary!

Hourly: ¥1,100

Hall and kitchen staff at a Japanese-style pub

Hourly: ¥1,100


Receive payment for taking part in an online questionnaire!
Earn money on the side. Look for job advertisements that are looking for people to test out products and services.

For example…

Sake Tasting Survey  ¥8,000 / Hour

Taste Sake and write a review!

Marketing Survey ¥14,000 / 2.5 hours

Cooperate with marketing research on Japanese foods and products

Home Drink Tasting Survey  ¥7,000 / week

At a convenient time, for one week, taste a sample at your home and write a review.

Beard trimmer  ¥10,000/hour

New product test: use a sample beard trimmer

The largest in Japan!
Over 100,000 foreign nationals registered
224 countries (includes areas)

100,000 +


Making "working in Japan" easier.
More profitable.

An easy-to-use job searching site made especially for foreign nationals

Do you find job searching sites for Japanese people are difficult for foreign nationals to understand? YOLO JAPAN is a site made especially for foreign nationals, so everything is simple to use. You can make quick and easy searches.

You don't need to write a resume

Just the apply with your profile that you make on YOLO JAPAN's site.

Available in 6 languages

Aren't you tired of searching through job listings written in Japanese? At YOLO JAPAN, job listings are available in 6 different languages, so you can easily find the perfect job for you.

From applying to setting the interview, it's all done online!

For those of you who don't feel comfortable making phone calls to companies. With YOLO JAPAN, you do not have to directly contact the company until the day of the interview. Until then, everything is done online!

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