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Part-time employee

Let's Do the Pre-Recorded Japanese Interview! Take a Selfie Video to Land a Job!★

Others Job ID:1001

Application Period:2018.12.20 - 2019.12.31

Job features

YOLO JAPAN will support you in finding a part-time job.

3 Simple Steps!
★ Do the pre-recorded interview
★ Apply for a job on YOLO JAPAN
★ Your video may land you an interview with the stores! ♪

About the company

A pre-recorded interview

Job description

Please record a video within 2 days, at the location of your choice.
You can complete it at any time of the day!

Time Required: Approximately 15 min.
Instructions:Record a video of yourself using your smartphone or computer

【Interview Outline】
① Self Introduction (Name, age, nationality, etc.)
② Japanese speaking check (3 questions: Reasons for moving to Japan, what kind of part-time jobs you would like to try, your strengths)  
③ Japanese reading check (1 question) 
④ Japanese writing check (1 question)
⑤ Survey


【Required Language level】
Japanese:NOT required

【VISA Requirements】
A valid visa with eligibility to work
(Students, etc. with work permission are also welcome)

※Applicants must be able to work for 6 months or more.
(Those who are planning to renew their visa can also apply)

For anyone searching for a part-time job.

Other details

  • Work Place : JAPAN:Osaka area, Tokyo area, and Nagoya area
    ※We are planning on expanding to other areas.
  • Working Hours : You can complete it at any time of the day!
  • Salary : ※NONE
  • Holidays : You can complete it at any time of the day!
  • Benefits : None.
  • Type of Employment : Part-time employee