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【¥900/Himeji】bed making at Hyogo

bed making

  • accomodation facility
  • salary ¥900
    About the trial period
    14 days, same pay rate
  • 10:00 ~ 17:00
    18:00 ~ 00:00
    Someone who can work 2 or more days a week, Saturday and Sunday
  • No Japanese necessary
  • JR山陽本線(JR-San-yo line) 姫路(Himeji) walk 20minutes
  • 清掃業務,ベッドメイキング

Days off


Work location

〒670-0051 兵庫県 姫路市名古山町2-34 map

Employment form

Part-time employee

Residence card

A valid visa with eligibility to work (Those who are planning to renew their visa can also apply)

Language level

No Japanese necessary


labor insurance (including employment insurance and worker's compensation insurance)

Trial period

14 days, same pay rate

Overtime work


Work period

someone who can work for 6 months or longer

Term of contract

1 year

82 days till expiry of posting period
Job ID:1071

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