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  3. 【¥1,000/Juso】hall at Osaka


【¥1,000/Juso】hall at Osaka


  • accomodation facility
  • salary ¥1,000
    salary ¥950
    About the trial period
    Training term: 3 months
  • 06:00 ~ 22:00
    2+ days a week, 4+ hours a day
  • N2: business level
  • 阪急京都本線(Hankyu-Kyoto line) 十三(Juso) walk 5minutes
  • We are looking for Waiter / Waitress staff/ Receptionist / Dishwasher for our hotel restaurant.

Days off

Shift system

Work location

〒532-0025 大阪府 大阪市淀川区新北野1-9-15 map

Employment form

Part-time employee

Residence card

A valid visa with eligibility to work (Those who are planning to renew their visa can also apply)

Working conditions・Benefits

Shift system


labor insurance (including employment insurance and worker's compensation insurance) / health iinsurance (including nursing-care insurance) / welfare insurance

Trial period

Training term: 3 months

Overtime work


Work period

someone who can work for 6 months or longer

Term of contract

No specifications

43 days till expiry of posting period
Job ID:1126

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