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【¥1,000/Namba(Nankai)】hall at Osaka

hall Job ID:1143

Application Period:2018.12.28 - 2019.12.19

  • restaurant
  • salary ¥1,000
    About the trial period
    10 days (¥940/Hour)
  • 11:00 ~ 23:00

    People who can work 3 days or more per week People who can serve customers with smiles
  • N4: able to have a simple conversation level
  • 南海本線(Nankai-Main line) 難波(南海)(Namba(Nankai)) walk 5minutes
  • Waiter / Waitress staff(Let's welcome customers smiling and saying "Irasshaimase" )
    - taking orders
    - carrying food and drinks
    - clearing empty plates and glasses from tables / bussing tables
    - taking care of customers / serving customers
    - cleaning inside the shop

    Kitchen staff(Let's start from the simple tasks!)
    - washing dishes and kitchen utensils
    - simple kitchen tasks
    - arranging food
    - cleaning inside the shop

Other details

Work period someone who can work for 6 months or longer
Days off Shift system
Language level

Looking for English speakers

N4: able to have a simple conversation level
Residence card A valid visa with eligibility to work (Those who are planning to renew their visa can also apply)
Working conditions・Benefits

Shift system
Trial period have
10 days (¥940/Hour)
Overtime work none
Term of contract 定めなし

Applicant company information

Company name ざんまい食堂
Address 〒542-0076
大阪府 大阪市中央区難波5-1-6 南海難波駅 中央口 2F
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