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【¥1,100/Sannomiya(JR)】bed making at Hyogo

bed making

  • accomodation facility
  • salary ¥1,100 ~
    Hourly pay starting at ¥1,050
    About the trial period
    Hourly pay starting at ¥1,050
  • 09:30 ~ 14:30
    4.5 hours - 5 hours (shift system)
  • N4: able to have a simple conversation level
  • JR東海道本線(JR-Tokaido line) 三ノ宮(JR)(Sannomiya(JR)) walk 2minutes
  • 阪神本線(Hanshin-Main line) 神戸三宮(阪神)(Kobe Sannomiya(Hanshin)) walk 2minutes
  • ★Grand Opening Staff★The place of work is right next to Kobe Sannomiya Station (Sotetsu Fressa Inn Kobe-Sannomiya Hotel)★
    This is a bedmaking position at a new hotel that will open in May, 2019. You can work 3 or more days per week. (from 2 days / week is okay if you work weekends and holidays).

Days off

Shift system

Work location

〒651-0095 兵庫県 神戸市中央区旭通5丁目2-3 map

The interview location is not always the same as the place of work. When your interview has been decided, we will email you the interview location.

Employment form

Part-time employee

Residence card

A valid visa with eligibility to work (Those who are planning to renew their visa can also apply)


labor insurance (including employment insurance and worker's compensation insurance) / health iinsurance (including nursing-care insurance) / welfare insurance

Trial period

Hourly pay starting at ¥1,050

Overtime work


Work period

someone who can work for 6 months or longer

Term of contract



Partially covered

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