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  3. ★Up to ¥10,000★Record your Self-introduction Video and win an Amazon gift card♡New "Reiwa" Era Special Promotion!


★Up to ¥10,000★Record your Self-introduction Video and win an Amazon gift card♡New "Reiwa" Era Special Promotion!


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PR Due to its popularity, the campaign period has been extended♪

The start of "Reiwa" is good timing to get a new job and a gift card! ♡
Record your Self-introduction Video
Automatically enter a contest to win a gift card worth up to ¥10,000

About the company

Job description

■Campaign name
“Record your Self-introduction Video and win an Amazon gift card♡New "Reiwa" Era Special Promotion!”

Presenting an Amazon Gift Card through a selection process
1st place - ¥10,000 (1 person)
2nd place - ¥5,000 (3 people)
3rd place - ¥1000 (25 people)
※Limited to 1 gift per person

■Campaign period
2019/04/16~2019/06/16 (Application period+Self-introduction video deadline+Job application period)

■How to apply
1) Press the ‘Apply’ button to apply for this campaign.
2) Please record a Self-introduction Video.
For those who have completed recording their Self-introduction Video, there is no need to record another video.
The Self-introduction Video is a video that highlights positive things about yourself, your personality and hobbies.
You can record using a smartphone or a tablet in about 5-minutes.
3) Please apply to a part-time job that you like(Any part-time job on the listing)

■Conditions to receive the gift
Those who meet all of the conditions below will be selected to enter the contest.
・Those who have applied for this campaign between 2019/04/16~2019/06/16
・Those who have completed recording their self-introduction video by 2019/06/16
・Those who have applied for a part-time job through YOLO JAPAN between 2019/04/16~2019/06/16

■Delivery time/method
Those who are selected will be sent the ‘Amazon Gift Card Code’ to an email address registered with YOLO JAPAN by 2019/06/16.
※Please make sure that your registered email address with YOLO JAPAN is correct.

■Stores eligible for the campaign
All stores in the YOLO JAPAN job advertisement listings

・Even if you have applied to several job openings, 1 person can only receive 1 Amazon Gift Card.
・In order to receive the gift, there are conditions that need to be met. Please check the conditions.
・Campaign contents and dates are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your understanding.
・Results of the lottery will only be sent to winners. If you do not receive the "Amazon Gift Card code" email by Jun 31, it unfortunately means that you did not win.
・If you do not intend to work, please do not apply to this campaign.


【VISA Requirements】
A valid visa with eligibility to work part-time
(Students, etc. with working permission are also welcome).

*Only those who can work more than 6 months may apply (including those who are planning to renew their VISA)*

Work Place

Working Hours




Type of Employment

Part-time employee

Term of contract

Training term

Break time

Overtime work

Participation insurance

Job ID:1330

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