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¥1,000 ~ / Hour
Part-time worker

【Tokyo 23 wards / STAFF big solicitation! 】Urgent Hiring!!

service Job ID:301

Application Period:2016.12.23 - 2017.06.30

Pick up information

★ We will decide on the day of work once we know your school and schedule,
★ Cooking in accordance to the manual. You might do it first try!
★ Are you serious about your hobbies and fun! Get the high hourly night pay
★ You can come when you have a little time, or go all out full-time ♪
★ Do you like tonkatsu ♪ We don't mind if you want to work just for the tonkatsu!

Business of the Company

We provide customers with Japanese cuisine such as tonkatsu

Job description

We are a Tonkatsu and Japanese cuisine.

You can learn from our reliable manuals and training,
The trainers will be kind and patient. They will explain
everything clearly to you so you don't need previous experienced♪

【Customer service】
Taking the menu and busing dishes.
Orders are taken by ticket so there is no need to write them down.
because of this, it is that much more important that you be very courteous and provide excellent customer service.

We start you out with dish-washing.
We will let you do cooking little by little!
It's not a difficult job, so you can start with confidence!

The secret to warm and friendly service is
hospitality and sympathy from all the employees.
We share all the work together as a team,
including the washing / cleaning.


■ Students, part-time workers, foreigners / international students, everyone is welcome to apply!
■ No previous experience required!
■ Must have daily communication level Japanese (requires consultation)

Job details

  • Work Place : Adachi Ward; Shinagawa Ward; Shibuya Ward; Shinjuku Ward; Suginami Ward; Sumida Ward; Setagaya Ward; Taito Ward;Kita Ward;Koto Ward; Chuo Ward, Tokyo; Arakawa Ward; Itabashi Ward; Edogawa Ward; Ota Ward; Katsushika Ward; Chiyoda Ward; Toshima Ward; Nakano Ward; Nerima Ward; Bunkyo Ward; Minato Ward; Meguro Ward)
  • Working Hours : ■ 2 days / week 3 hours a day ~ OK!
    ※ Please do not hesitate to consult hours with us.

    ★ There is a "pre-pay system" when your wallet is in trouble ★
    (You can receive up to 50% of the operating minutes before your payday!)
  • Salary : Part time, hourly wage 1,000 yen ~
    ※ 22: 00~5:00 hourly wage from 1,250 yen ~ (including night shift pay)
    * Negotiable based on your experience / skills!
  • Holidays : Shift system
    ※ Please do not hesitate to consult hours with us.
  • Benefits : ■ Pre-pay system (up to 50% of actual work)
    ■ Uniform Lending (Shoes require payment 1,976 yen)
    ■ Meal allowance
    ■ Advancement to employee system available
    ■ Company insurance
    ■ Paid vacation
    ■ Raises
    ■ Training About one to a month and a half (with hourly salary)
    ■ Transportation expenses (within regulations)
  • Type of Employment : Part-time worker
¥1,000 ~ / Hour
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