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¥950 / Hour
Part-time employee

N3 Welcome!! Part-time job at the nursing home in Osaka

Others Job ID:458

Application Period:2017.10.24 - 2018.04.24

Job features

Highly recommended for whom has just started studying Japanese and
whom aim to be care giver in Japan.

This is a job to support handicapped people.

About the company

Running and managing nursing home in Sumiyoshi area.

Job description

Cooking meals, cleaning the house, and do laundry for users with handicap.


【Required language】
Japanese: JLPT N3 and above
Valid visa to work in Japan
Students with work permit are also welcome
Not required
【Other requirements】
Applicants who are willing to stay at least until the end of 2018

Other details

  • Work Place : 10 minutes away on foot from Sugimotocho station of JR Hanwa line
  • Working Hours : 16:00~10:00
    4 hours per day,2 days / week ~OK!
    Daytime on Saturdays and Sundays are also welcome!
  • Salary : ¥950 / Hour
    Night rate and morning rate available (25%Up)
  • Holidays : Shift system (negotiable)
  • Benefits : Transportation fee fully covered
  • Type of Employment : Part-time employee
¥950 / Hour
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