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Part-time employee

【Ginza,Tokyo】Waiter / Waitress &Kitchen staff at a restaurant which serves Sashimi bowls ♪

service Job ID:653

Application Period:2018.04.06 - 2019.03.27

Job features

There are only 20 kinds of dishes which you can learn easily!
It is a fun workplace and staff are friendly!

About the company


Job description

☆Waiter / Waitress &Kitchen staff
- Taking orders
- Carrying food and drinks
- Clearing empty plates and glasses from tables / bussing tables
- Cashier
- Taking care of customers
- Washing dishes and kitchen utensils
- Simple kitchen tasks
- Cleaning the inside of the shop


【Language Requirements】
Japanese: Able to use basic Japanese (JLPT N4 or higher)

【VISA Requirements】
A valid visa with eligibility to work
(Students, etc. with work permission are also welcome)

No experience necessary!

Other details

  • Work Place : Tokyo:3 minute walk from Ginza station
  • Working Hours : 09:00-22:30
    ※You can work as little as 3 hours in one day or 2 days/week!
  • Salary : ¥1,050~1,300/Hour
    ※There is a 2 hour - shift for Lunch time!(11:30-13:30/11:00-13:00 and ¥1,300/Hour)
  • Holidays : Shift system
  • Benefits : Transportation reimbursed up to ¥1,000 / Day
    Uniform provided
    Meal included at a discount of half-price
    Pay raises available
  • Type of Employment : Part-time employee
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