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[Beginner Japanese OK ☆] Share House Cleaning [Foreigners Active] [Nerima]

Labor staff

▼Beginner Japanese level is welcome
I don't use difficult Japanese at work!
When you're having trouble understanding Japanese,
The staff will take care of it for you ♪

▼ Inexperienced welcome
At first, I will accompany my senior to learn the job
Once I get used to it, I'll work alone using the in-house app!
It's easy to understand because you can also see the content in the video ☆
It's a simple job ♪
Those who are confident in their physical strength are welcome ☆

▼ Foreigners are active
Currently over 20 people are active!
Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam,
Indonesia, Nepal, China, etc.
A job where you can shift freely!
Private life is also substantial ☆

▼ There is a prepayment system
You can apply anytime!
Next day transfer at the shortest possible time ☆ (with regulations)
It's safe even when you need money suddenly ☆

▼ There is a friend referral system (there are regulations)
If you introduce a part-time job, 10,000 yen/person
Let's get pocket money ♪

Company meals are available (300 yen per meal)
Refill is also free ♪
Women are active
No age restrictions

Employment form

Part‐time job


Light physical labor / Building Cleaning

Salary / Work Hours

Labor staff
Salary ¥1,100 ~ ¥1,375
09:00 AM ~ 07:00 PM

Work Hours

2 to 5 days per week

From 8 hour(s)/day

Start At 9 A.M.Day Shift3 or 4 Days A Week5 Days A WeekHigh Hourly Wage

Trial period

90 days
Hourly wage during the trial period: No change

Days off

Shift System

Shift System

Overtime work


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Work location

〒150-0002 Tokyo 渋谷区渋谷3-8-12渋谷第一生命ビルディング3階 Display Map JR-Yamanote line / JR山手線 Shibuya 渋谷 walk 5minute

※The interview location is not always the same as the place of work. When your interview has been decided, we will email you the interview location.


Partially covered

Transportation Fee Covered

Interview method

Direct interview

Japanese level

Conversational level (Equivalent of N3)

Work contents / remarks

▼ Job description
Share house cleaning
It is a job of patrol cleaning of houses and facilities.
You will be asked to perform about 3 to 5 simple cleanings a day.
The working time per case is around 1 hour.
We use three-wheeled motorcycles and electric bicycles to move around the site

▼Night shift
The hourly wage is 1,375 yen between 22:00 and 5:00!
Limited to driver's license holders
There is support for obtaining a moped license ☆
(English texts are prepared, and the company pays for the costs)

Same Day WorkMinimum of 5 Recruits

Work environment / atmosphere

Prominent age group


Ratio of men to women


Percentage of foreign workers


An environment where you can use your native language


Experience employing foreign workers


Frequency of japanese use

See more ▼

Other allowances

・Uniform provided
・Insurance included
・Work schedule negotiable.

Same Day WorkMinimum of 5 Recruits
See more ▼


labor insurance (including employment insurance and worker's compensation insurance) / Health Insurance (Including nursing-care insurance) / Welfare Insurance

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Other benefits

・Late night allowance
・Compensation for introducing a friend


English SpeakerVietnamese SpeakerTagalog SpeakerWant A Japanese FriendWomen EmployedLong-Term Work WelcomeNo Experience NecessaryJapanese Beginner
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Status Click here for the status of residence confirmation page

Those who have a status of residence that allows them to work
※There might be cases where visa conditions apply by the listed company

Application status

Many applicants!

Your chances of being hired increases by applying to 7 places!?
Job ID:7957
Date job listing was created:2022/12/8
#Urgently Recruit#No Educational Background#Mass Hiring#Training System#Advanced Salary#Childcare Support#Full Benefits#Work While Learning Japanese#English Speaker#Vietnamese Speaker#Tagalog Speaker#Want A Japanese Friend#Homemaker#Student#Part-Time Worker#Uniform Required#Dormitory/Company Housing#Choose Your Shifts#Simple Work#No Special Skills Necessary#Within 5 Mins From Station#No Dress Code#Foreign Staffs Employed#Experience in Hiring Foreign Staff#Women Employed#Long-Term Work Welcome#No Experience Necessary#Japanese Beginner
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Your chances of being hired increases by applying to 7 places!?
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