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Part-time employee

【Tohoku area】No Japanese necessary! Let's live and earn money at the ski resort while enjoying skiing on your free time!!

service / Others Job ID:849

Application Period:2018.09.14 - 2019.08.21

  • Resort company
  • ¥800~¥1,000 /Hour
  • 8:00~17:00(7.5H~8H)
  • Tohoku area: Free shuffle bus from Inawashiro station
  • A must for people who love skiing and snowboarding!
    It is a live in part time job at a ski resort in Tohoku area.

    The lift is free so you can go down the slopes in your free time!
    You do not need to speak Japanese and the dormitory is well equipped.
    We take pride in the long distance slope, which is a total of 4,500m.
    Come enjoy the number 1 in Tohoku with quality snow, Grandeco!

    ◆What is Grandeco?◆

About the company

Resort company

Job description

You can work at the following places
・Ticket booth at the ski resort
・Restaurant hall, kitchen
・Rental booth (taking care of the rental items)

※Your position will be based on your level of Japanese

Interview will be held online so applicants from other areas are also welcome!


【Language Requirements】
Japanese: Not required

【VISA Requirements】
A valid visa with eligibility to work
(Students may not apply for this job due to working hours.)

※Applicants must be able to work for 6 months or more.
(Those who are planning to renew their visa can also apply)

Not necessary

People that can live in work place
People who can work between December 25th until January 6th.

(You may work from December 1st until May 5th upon your request.)

Other details

  • Work Place : Tohoku area: Free shuffle bus from Inawashiro station
  • Working Hours : 8:00~17:00(7.5H~8H)
  • Salary : Salary: ¥800~¥1,000 /Hour
    5 days / week including weekends (Must be able to work on Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)
  • Holidays : Shift system
    Days off are adjusted to be on weekdays
  • Benefits : The trip to the resort up until ¥20,000 (if you work 50 days or more)
    (There is a a free shuttle bus from Inawashiro station)
    Dormitory charge: ¥500 /Day (3 meals a day included)
    Free use of the lift
    Free use of snowboard and ski gears on weekdays.
  • Type of Employment : Part-time employee
¥800~¥1,000 /Hour