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¥1,000 /Hour
Part-time employee

【Teradacho sta, Tennouji sta, Osaka】No Japanese necessary! Part time job cleaning buildings

Others Job ID:856

Application Period:2018.09.14 - 2019.08.30

Job features

No Japanese necessary! It is an easy cleaning job.
The salary the first three months is of ¥1000 per hour, then you can earn ¥8000 a day!

About the company

Cleaning company

Job description

We are a company that clean condos or buildings.
We work in group so the Japanese staff will teach you how we clean.


【Language Requirements】
Japanese: not required

【VISA Requirements】
A valid visa with eligibility to work
(Students, etc. with work permission are also welcome)

※Applicants must be able to work for 6 months or more.
(Those who are planning to renew their visa can also apply)

Not necessary

Other details

  • Work Place : Osaka: 5 minutes walk from Tennouji Station
    We gather at the office than we go to the clients' place
  • Working Hours : 8:00~16:00
    ※Usually, work can be finished earlier than previously written but overtime is also a possibility
  • Salary : Salary: ¥1,000 /Hour
    After 3 months, ¥8,000 / Day
  • Holidays : Shift system
  • Benefits : Transportation reimbursed up to ¥10,000 / Month
  • Type of Employment : Part-time employee
¥1,000 /Hour
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