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10,000 yen

【JPY10,000/Doable anytime, anywhere ! 】Females from Malaysia or Singapore Wanted ★Writing a short research report on the latest trends in home country★

Survey ID:229

Application Period:2019.06.20 - 2019.07.25

Job Description

We are looking for Malaysian or Singaporean females who are in their 20s - 40s and currently working in Japan.

You will write a short report (about 2 pages) with making a bit of research on trends of goods and SNS related information in your home country. You can do anytime and wherever you are!

● Purpose : Market research
● Contents: Writie a short report in Japanese or English with making a bit of research on the below things with utilizing the Internet, SNS and TV.
1) Trends of goods including food, beauty and fashion related items in your home country.
  2) Popular female influencers in your home country.
3) How local people search for touristic places in Japan.
 4) Popular Instagram accounts which has more hashtags of "Japan" and "Tokyo" in your home county.
● Due date: Noon, Friday, July 26th
● Payment: JPY10,000  ※It will be made on Thursday, 8/15.

You will receive a screening questionnaire in a few days (please contact us if you do not receive after 5 days from your application). Your application will be completed by answering the questionnaire.


A: Who has a valid working visa, and works in Japan.
B: A female between 20 and 49 years old from Malaysia or Singapore.
C: Who can write a report in Japanese or English.
D: Who agrees with the job contents including the due date of the report.

Other details

  • Compensation : ¥10,000
  • Number of Applicants : 6
  • Application Period : 2019/06/20〜2019/07/25
  • Survey conducting day: 2019/07/22, 2019/07/23, 2019/07/24, 2019/07/25, 2019/07/26, 2019/07/29, 2019/07/30
  • Selection Procedure : Screening after the application deadline
  • Location : 全国
  • Transportation : なし
  • Transportation Reimbursement : Included in the pay
10,000 yen
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