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YOLO JAPAN is looking for Ambassadors!!

Job ID:21

Application Period:2019.01.18 - 2019.12.31


Survey details

We are looking for YOLO JAPAN Ambassadors.
Help us promote YOLO JAPAN so that more foreigners living in Japan can learn about us!

【Content of the activities】

1. Share about YOLO JAPAN to your friends on your social media accounts.
YOLO JAPAN introduce jobs to foreigners living in Japan.
Not only part time jobs, but also survey and testing of products for a high wage, being an influencer, and various other offers.
Share with us the various jobs YOLO JAPAN has to offer.

★You will receive information about the survey or free touristic tours first!
You can share those topics with your friends on your social medias.
(Of course you can also participate those! If you are an ambassador, your chance of being chosen are higher)
Ex.: Experience cosplaying in Akihabara, share about a new SIM card product you tried and receive ¥5000, etc.

★Have your exclusive invitation code
With the exclusive invitation code, if somebody register via YOLO JAPAN with your code, we will prepare for you a reward.

★You have to post about YOLO JAPAN at least once a week.

2. Participate at YOLO JAPAN's Live
Once or twice every week, YOLO JAPAN do a Facebook live.
We have around 100k people following our Facebook page, as an ambassador you can make a guest appearance.
Let's inform about jobs and life tips to foreigners in Japan!

3. We will introduce you on YOLO JAPAN's official page

We will share the posts and videos you posted on your social media accounts.
You could become a reference for all foreigners living in Japan!

If you are chosen as an ambassador, you will be invited at the inauguration party in the YOLO JAPAN office.

★★What kind of party!?★★
・An inauguration ceremony at our office while having lunch or afternoon tea.
・For our followers, live videos or movies with the YOLO JAPAN staff

"I want to be a YOLO JAPAN ambassador and spread about YOLO JAPAN to my friends!"
For those who feel that way, please apply!
We will be waiting for you!!


★People who want to be an ambassador!
★Foreigners who live in Japan
└A valid visa with eligibility to work
└Students, etc. with work permission are also welcome


■Application Process


We will contact the people chosen and invite them to the inauguration party.
※We will screen by the answers of the questionnaire. We will not contact those who were not chosen. Thank you for your comprehension.

Other details

  • Compensation : ¥0
  • Number of Applicants : 50人
  • Survey conducting day : 2019.01.21 - 2019.12.31
Looking for Ambassadors!