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【Campaign ②】Japan's best souvenir!? It's.....

500 (Amazon.co.jp gift card)

Qualifications This questionnaire is for people who currently live in Japan and have a valid visa with eligibility to work. (Students, etc. with working permission are also welcome).
Compensation ¥500
Number of Applicants 5,000
Application Period 2019/03/04 - 2019/03/24
Survey conducting day 2019/03/04 - 2019/03/24

Survey details

Answer questionnaires to get part of ¥1,000,000! Pocket money earning campaign!
(We have ¥1,000,000 to give out over 3 questionnaires and friend referrals.)

When your friends or family come to Japan, what do you do to show them hospitality?
The theme for Part 2 of our campaign is... souvenirs!
Please tell us what souvenirs you recommend!

The questionnaire is easy! You can finish it in about 5 minutes!
***Of those who answer, 400 people will be chosen to receive a ¥500 Amazon Gift Card***
*The Amazon Gift Card is only redeemable on amazon.co.jp
*The questionnaires will be reviewed, so it might take some time before you receive your prize.

Answer together with your friends♪
Refer one of your friends! If they answer the questionnaire, you get an extra ¥100!
You can refer as many friends as you want! Provide a lot of answers, refer a lot of friends, and make more♪

★Before applying: Double check your YOLO ID and registered email address!★
After applying, you will be redirected to the ""survey monkey"" website.
In order to confirm your details, you will need to enter your YOLO ID and registered email address on the questionnaire.

【How to participate in the survey】
① Click the ""apply"" button
② Wait to be redirected to the ""survey monkey"" website
③ Answer the questionnaire (You will need your YOLO ID and registered email address)

Survey ID:27

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