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Career Advancement in Japan! How are you looking for a new job in Japan?

Job ID:29

Application Period:2019.03.22 - 2019.05.31


Survey details

YOLO JAPAN has launched a survey asking foreigners working in Japan, what it's like to change jobs in Japan.

When did you start thinking about changing jobs? What made you start thinking about it?
When changing jobs, what exactly do you look for in a new job?
Better working conditions?
Career advancement?
What kind of workplace environment makes you want to work there for a long time?
Also, please tell us your opinions about the new "Designated Skilled Labor" visa that will be introduced in April!

In order to help everyone with their future endeavors with Japanese companies, YOLO JAPAN will be sending out your answers as well as use it for our future services.

We are waiting for your answers★

Simple Questionnaire! You can answer it in less than 10 minutes!
***Out of the people who participate, 200 winners will be selected to receive a ¥500 Amazon gift card***
*The Amazon Gift Card is only valid on
*We will be confirming the contents of your answers, so it may take some time before you receive your gift card.

★Check your YOLO ID and the email address you registered with YOLO JAPAN★
After clicking the apply button, you will be directed to the "survey monkey" questionnaire tool to answer the questionnaire.
In order to verify the person filling out the questionnaire, you will need to enter your YOLO ID and the email address that is registered with YOLO JAPAN.
Make sure to check (and remember) your YOLO ID and registered email address on the Profile Page before starting the questionnaire.

【How to participate in the questionnaire】
① Click the apply button
② You will be redirected to the "survey monkey" questionnaire tool
③ Answer the questionnaire (You will need your YOLO ID and the email address registered on YOLO JAPAN)


・This applies to people who are currently living in Japan and hold a valid visa with eligibility to work. (International Students or dependants who have Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted Under The Status of Residence Previously Granted are also welcome)!
・You must have experience working or changing jobs in Japan.

Other details

  • Compensation : ¥500
  • Number of Applicants : 1,000人
  • Survey conducting day : 2019.03.22 - 2019.05.31
¥500 ( Gift Card)