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All nationalities welcome! An online questionnaire about buying general and daily goods in Japan

Job ID:34

Application Period:2019.04.26 - 2019.05.23

Name of the company is confidential

Survey details

"This is an online questionnaire about the general and daily goods that foreigners buy in Japan.

This questionnaire is for foreigners who have lived in Japan for 3 years or less. Since you can answer anytime, anywhere from your phone, make use of your spare time and get ¥1,000!

【How to participate in the survey】
①Press the Apply button
②You will be redirected to the ""Survey Monkey"" website
※You can answer in Japanese, English, or Chinese. Please choose your preferred language from the top right corner of the survey screen.
③Answer the questionnaire (You will need to input your YOLO ID and the email address you have registered with YOLO JAPAN, so please make a note of them before you start the questionnaire).
※Please be aware that if you input incorrect information about your YOLO account (including your email address) or you are not eligible for the survey, your answers will become void and you will not be able to receive any rewards.

●The first 300 people to answer the questionnaire will receive an Amazon gift card.
※The Amazon gift card can only be used at
●After you complete the questionnaire, we will be checking the answers, so it may take some time before you can receive your reward. (Rewards are scheduled to be delivered mid-June).


※Those who meet the following qualifications are eligible
A: You have lived in Japan for less than 3 years.
B: You have a valid visa with eligibility to work.
C: You are a foreign national currently living in Japan.

Other details

  • Compensation : ¥1,000
  • Number of Applicants : 300人
  • Survey conducting day : 2019.04.26 - 2019.05.23