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★Bank Account Questionnaire★

Job ID:37

Application Period:2019.05.24 - 2019.06.23


Survey details

Do you have a bank account?
Was there anything about the process of opening your bank account that was difficult or troublesome?
If you opened a bank account, why did you choose that particular bank?

From your experience of living in Japan, please share useful information for foreigners who are about to start living in Japan.
YOLO JAPAN will share your useful information to many people!

The questionnaire is very simple! You can finish it in 5 minutes!
***Answer the online questionnaire, and automatically enter a contest where 150 people will be selected to receive an Amazon Gift Card present worth ¥300!***
The Amazon Gift Card can only be used at *After answering the online questionnaire, receiving payment of the reward will take time as we will need to check the contents of the answers.
The gift card will be granted the following month of the closing month for answering the questionnaire. Notification of the payment date will be provided at the start of the following month.

★Check your YOLO ID and registered email address! ★Before applying, please check and save your YOLO ID and email address on the profile page.
When you press the Apply button, you will be taken to ‘Survey Monkey’ a survey tool page, and there you will be asked to complete the survey.
In order to confirm the identity of the respondent we will ask for your YOLO ID and registered e-mail address in the questionnaire.
【How to participate in the questionnaire】
①Press the Apply button
②Go to the survey tool “Survey Monkey” page.
③Answer the questionnaire(You will be required to enter your YOLO ID and registered email address)


For people who are now residing in Japan and who have a visa that allows them to work in Japan.
(Also applies to international students or a dependent of a family member who have Permission for Other Activity!)

Other details

  • Compensation : ¥300
  • Number of Applicants : 1,000人
  • Survey conducting day : 2019.05.24 - 2019.06.23
¥300 ( Gift Card)