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For your busy day-to-day.
It can be used 24 hours a day,365 days a year
Seven Bank Overseas Remittance

About Seven Bank's Overseas Money Transfer Service
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Inexpensive and fast.
Seven Bank overseas remittance anywhere,anytime

There is no receipient fee or intermediary fee.

The remittance fee is the only remittance fee! As a general rule,the amount to be received is fixed at the time of remittance,so there is no need to worry about rate fluctuations after remittance.
* Taxes may be levied upon receipt.

24 hours a day,365 days a year

From Seven Bank ATMs near you,the Internet,etc. In principle,you can transfer money 24 hours a day,365 days a year. If you need to send money quickly,you can send money quickly.

You can receive the money speedily.

After the remittance,cash can be received at the counter within a few minutes.※收款人信息需要事先登记。

Overseas remittance campaign

If you use the Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service within the specified period,
100 people will receive a 1,000 yen nanaco gift card by lottery!

Campaign: 2019/11/23~2020/2/20 * Application for opening an account is up to 1/20
What is the Nanaco gift card?

This is a nanaco gift service that can be used to charge Nanaco Cards, Nanaco Mobile, and Seven Net Shopping.

Campaign details

To anyone who opens a new Seven Bank account during the campaign period,1,000 yen nanaco gift card will be given to 100 people from among customers who have used the overseas money transfer service!

Period: November 23,2019 (Saturday) to February 20,2020 (Thursday)
* Please apply for opening an account by 2020/1/20
Things to prepare for this: Resident Card,My Number
* To apply,you must have stayed for at least 6 months after entering Japan.

Application flow


Open a Seven Bank account and apply for an international money transfer service.
[Account opening period: 2019/11/23~2020/1/20]

About Seven Bank's Overseas Money Transfer ServiceClick here for details

Use the overseas remittance service

Please use the overseas remittance service during the campaign period
[Campaign period: November 23,2019 to February 20,2020]

Enter the process number on the campaign application form

After the remittance overseas,enter the remittance processing number on the campaign application form. Member registration with YOLO JAPAN is required to enter the process number.

Click here for application form

Seven Bank Philippine Money Transfer Service
When using with BDO Unibank

Please enter the “reference number” listed on the remittance management statement.

Seven Bank International Money Transfer Service
When using Western Union

Please enter the 「MTCN」 listed in the usage statement.


  • It takes about 2-3 weeks from application to the opening of an account.
  • The winner's announcement will be replaced by the shipping of a nanaco gift card.
  • Nanaco gift cards will be shipped to the address registered with Seven Bank.
  • Please note that if the address you entered is unknown or cannot be contacted,the nanaco gift card cannot be delivered and the winning will be invalid.
  • Nanaco gift cards will be shipped out from the end of March 2020 after the campaign ends.
  • The campaign details and application conditions may be changed or the campaign may be canceled without prior notice.

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