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Notícias / 2024.05.15

Signed a comprehensive agreement for collaboration and cooperation with the Ikuno Ward, Osaka City

YOLO JAPAN CORPORATION is pleased to announce that it has entered into a comprehensive partnership agreement with Ikuno Ward, Osaka City on Tuesday, May 14, 2024.

Under this partnership, YOLO JAPAN and Ikuno Ward will cooperate to provide information and community support to non-Japanese in Ikuno Ward, as well as support for the lives and employment of non-Japanese residents, in order to promote the development of the local community.

YOLO JAPAN has been providing life support services for non-Japanese residents from the moment they enter Japan until they settle in, including operating an information media platform that provides information on work and living, and running the multinational event space "YOLO BASE."  Through this partnership, we will strengthen the network collaboration between our organizations to promote a multicultural society. By providing information on local government and employment support to non-Japanese resident living in Ikuno Ward, thereby further diversifying and developing the local community.

■Summary of Collaboration Agreement
・Issues related to multicultural coexistence
・Information dissemination and community support for non-Japanese residents
・Employment issues related to non-Japanese workers
・Issues related to community development
・Issues related to education and expanding children's potential. 
・Issues related to public relations, communication, and information dissemination for the ward.
・Other issues related to cooperation and collaboration that both parties deem necessary

《Job Openings at Ikuno Ward》
Ikuno Ward offers a variety of jobs opportunities, such as caregiving and construction sectors.
How about working in Ikuno Ward?
Ikuno Ward Featured Jobs

《What is Ikuno Ward like?》
・Many Non-Japanese Residence
Ikuno Korea Town is a popular tourist destination and is well-known for its Korean residents. However, in recent years, people from 68 countries and regions have come to live here. The number of Japanese language schools and international schools is also increasing, making it a more livable city for foreigners.

・Good Access
There are many ways to get around, including the subway, Kintetsu, JR, and buses. It has easy access to central areas such as Tennoji, Umeda, Shinsaibashi, and Namba.