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Colunas / 2024.06.03

【Company Interview】The Benefits of Hiring Non-Japanese Workers! ⑧

Discover Ideal Non-Japanese Candidates using Profile Information
Food manufacturing company M, has hired four non-Japanese employees through YOLO JAPAN. In this issue, we will share an interview about the reasons why they wanted to hire non-Japanese and about the non-Japanese they hired.

The Reason for Hiring Non-Japanese
We had experience working with several non-Japanese workers before using YOLO JAPAN.
This time, when we decided to expand our foreign workforce, we wanted to streamline the process of identifying suitable candidates by checking their residency status and Japanese language proficiency levels.

Discovering YOLO JAPAN
Amidst our search, we came across YOLO JAPAN, a job search media service for non-Japanese.
The most appealing aspect of YOLO JAPAN was the ability to thoroughly review each applicant's profile, including their residency status and Japanese proficiency level, prior to interview.
Recognizing the potential to effectively assess applicants' suitability and prevent mismatches, we decided to use YOLO JAPAN.
After using YOLO JAPAN, we streamlined the candidate selection process by reviewing applicants' profiles before conducting interviews.
This allowed us to identify high-qualified candidates more efficiently and effectively.

Hiring 4 Outstanding Non-Japanese
As a result, we have successfully hired four non-Japanese.
The new hires come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including the Philippines, Brazil, and Chile.
We believe their unique perspectives and experiences will bring fresh ideas and foster a more inclusive workplace culture.

Creating a Workplace Where New Non-Japanese Staff Can Work Comfortably
To create a welcoming and inclusive work environment for both Japanese and non-Japanese staff, we have appointed an experienced non-Japanese staff as team leaders to support and guide the new non-Japanese hires.
This initiative has improved overall communication and enabled new staff members to quickly become productive contributors.
As a result, new employees feel more comfortable and confident in their roles, which has also led to an overall improvement in team performance.

It seems that the applicant's profile information was very important for this company during the selection process👀
Make the most of your My Page to showcase your strength by filling in your profile information, education, and work experience!

About the Company
Industry: Food manufacturing

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