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Colunas / 2024.06.03

【Company Interview】The Benefits of Hiring Non-Japanese Workers! ⑨

We Want to Support Non-Japanese Who are Working Hard in Japan!
"株式会社ループコーポレーション", a company in the food and beverage industry, has hired two non-Japanese employees through YOLO JAPAN. In this issue, we will share an interview about the reasons why they wanted to hire non-Japanese and about the non-Japanese they hired.

Q. Why did you want to hire a non-Japanese?
Most non-Japanese are hardworking, and we wanted to support them at our company.
We were particularly impressed by their positive attitude towards learning and their passion, which seemed to exceed that of many Japanese people. So, we want to work with them in the future.

Q. Have you ever hired a non-Japanese before?
Yes, we have.

Q. Why did you consider using YOLO JAPAN?
We decided to use it because the recruitment rate is high and the service system is appealing.

Q. What are some good points about YOLO JAPAN's services and features?
We were very impressed with the thorough support during the meeting and the well-crafted proposal perfectly aligned with our company's needs.

Q. Have you ever used YOLO JAPAN's scout feature?
Yes, we have.

Q. Have you been able to recruit non-Japanese staff through scouting?
We used the scout feature, but it did not lead to any hires.

Q. How many non-Japanese were you able to recruit?
We were able to hire two people.

Q. Where do the non-Japanese you hire come from?

Q. Were the non-Japanese you hired the nationalities you had in mind?
We were able to hire candidates of the nationalities we expected.

Q. Did you encounter any difficulties in recruiting non-Japanese this time?
Due to our busy schedules, we cannot create job postings, resulting in a low number of applications.
Another challenge was the lack of applications from qualified candidates, particularly those with the required level of Japanese proficiency.

Q. Did you solve those problems?
We have delegated the responsibility of managing job postings to representatives at YOLO JAPAN.
They thoroughly analyzing and processing job applications without leaving any tasks undone, so we can successfully connect with potential candidates.

Q. Are you doing anything to ensure a comfortable work environment for your non-Japanese staff?
We encourage active communication between Japanese and non-Japanese staff.

Q.A message to companies that want to hire non-Japanese staff
We are actively hiring non-Japanese because we want to support hardworking non-Japanese workers in Japan
Since we started hiring non-Japanese, we realize that their eagerness to learn and their strong work ethic are impressive.
We are committed to provide support and ensuring non-Japanese to have a positive experience in Japan.

This company seems to be actively hiring non-Japanese to support hard working non-Japanese living in Japan.

Also, it seems that they often use scout feature to scout users that they interested in. If you want to get scouted, fill out your profile information, education, and work experience on your My Page throughly!

About the Company
Company Name: 株式会社ループコーポレーション
Industry: Food and Beverage

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