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Colunas / 2024.06.07

【Company Interview】The Benefits of Hiring Non-Japanese Workers! ⑩

Hire Non-Japanese Tour Guides to Expand Language Support
"城南商事株式会社", a company in the service industry has hired six non-Japanese employees through YOLO JAPAN. In this issue, we would like to introduce an interview with them about the reasons why they wanted to hire non-Japanese and about the non-Japanese they hired.

Q. Why did you want to hire a non-Japanese?
We needed non-Japanese tour guides to prepare for the influx of inbound tourists.

Q. Have you ever hired a non-Japanese before?
Yes, we have.

Q. Why did you consider using YOLO JAPAN?
We heard about YOLO JAPAN from our current staff and were impressed with its recruitment system, so we decided to introduce it.

Q. What are some good points about YOLO JAPAN's services and features?
We found the self-introduction videos to be particularly useful.

Q. How many non-Japanese were you able to recruit?
We were able to hire six people.

Q. Where do the non-Japanese you hire come from?
・United States

Q. Were the non-Japanese you hired the nationalities you had in mind?
We were able to hire candidates of the nationalities we expected.

Q. Did you encounter any difficulties in recruiting non-Japanese this time?
We had difficulty attracting applicants with the desired level of Japanese proficiency. Additionally, we received many applications from working holiday visa holders, making it challenging to secure long-term employment.

Q. Did you solve those problems?
We successfully recruited non-Japanese talent, but the challenge of providing Japanese translation remains.

Q. Are you doing anything to ensure a comfortable work environment for your non-Japanese staff?
We are committed to creating a multinational-friendly work environment by being flexible in accommodating religious and cultural differences. For example, we provide Muslim staff with time for prayer.

It seems that this company used self-introduction videos to get a sense of the kind of person they were interviewing👀
So, let's create a compelling self-introduction video to showcase your skills and personality!

About the Company
Company Name: 城南商事株式会社
Industry: Service

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