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Colunas / 2024.06.12

【Company Interview】The Benefits of Hiring Non-Japanese Workers! ⑪

The Target Group is International Students Studying Japanese!
Food and beverage company N, has hired three non-Japanese employees through YOLO JAPAN. In this issue, we will share an interview about the reasons why they wanted to hire non-Japanese and about the non-Japanese they hired.

Q. Why did you want to hire a non-Japanese?
We considered hiring non-Japanese after receiving job applications from them in the past.

Q. Have you ever hired a non-Japanese before?
Yes, we have.

Q. Why did you consider using YOLO JAPAN?
We decided to use YOLO JAPAN again this time because we had a positive experience hiring qualified candidates through YOLO JAPAN in the past.

Q. What are some good points about YOLO JAPAN's services and features?
We find the ability to interact online and view applicants' self-introduction videos to assess applicant's personalities to be appealing aspects.

Q. Have you ever used YOLO JAPAN's scout feature?
Yes, we have.

Q. How many non-Japanese were you able to recruit?
We were able to hire three people.

Q. Where do the non-Japanese you hire come from?
・Myanmar: 2 people
・Indonesia: 1 person

Q. Were the non-Japanese you hired the nationalities you had in mind?
We were able to hire candidates of the nationalities we expected.

Q. Did you encounter any difficulties in recruiting non-Japanese this time?
We had difficulty receiving applications from non-Japanese who met our required Japanese language level.

Q. Did you solve those problems?
Yes, we were able to resolve this issue by changing our job posting to target international students who are actively studying Japanese.

Q. Are you doing anything to ensure a comfortable work environment for your non-Japanese staff?
We are making a conscious effort to speak to them in simple Japanese.
We also provide a supportive environment where Indonesian senior staff can communicate and teach them in their native language.

It seems that this company used self introduction video to get a sense of the kind of person they were interviewing👀
So, let's create a compelling self-introduction video to showcase your skills and personality!

Also, they often use scout feature to scout users that they interested in. If you want to get scouted, fill out your profile information, education, and work experience on your My Page throughly!

About the Company
Industry: Food and Beverage

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