News / 2021.07.14

《Looking for the international experience of living with Japanese people? 》 YOLO JAPAN introduces you to Borderless House Campaign

Borderless House is offering free-rent stay for up to 2 initial months at its share houses

YOLO JAPAN, the service portal with over 190,000 registered foreign residents, is promoting a unique chance for cultural exchange and multilingual environment, for those foreigners who are searching for a share house. We introduce Borderless House, the “multicultural share house community”, and their newest campaign “Summer Trial Stay”.

What is Borderless House?

Borderless House is born from the concept of bringing people from backgrounds under to same roof, learning about languages and cultures, while sharing their life.

With a 50/50 rule of foreigners and Japanese residents, each share house keeps a balanced environment, allowing you to immerse yourself into Japanese society and finally get the chance to master your Japanese.  

■What is Summer Trial Campaign?

With COVID, you might struggle meeting new people or making friends. If you are a foreigner in Japan and you are thinking about living in a share house, with this campaign you can save up to 2 summer months of rent for free. By paying only a deposit and utilities, you can get your private room, or dormitory and start your new life.

For more details on Borderless House, and on properties available with “Summer Trial Campaign”, visit the following link:
Go the Campaign Page

Hurry up! The Deadline to move in is 31 August.

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