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“YOLO JAPAN is Japan's largest job listing site made for foreign nationals
and is used by people from 226 different countries."

((Number of countries and areas included))

Find work in Japan
through YOLO JAPAN

  • Even if you aren’t confident in your Japanese there’s no need to worry
  • No need for a resume
  • Schedule your interview easily online

a new world

YOLO JAPAN publishes information for various types of jobs to further increase opportunities for foreign nationals in Japan.

Hiring process

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※There is no interview for influencers or surveys

Do you know
the self-introduction video?

Share positive things about yourself to companies by talking about your personality,interests, and your willingness to work in your video

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How to collect rewards

Receiving rewards for being an influencer and a participant in a survey just became a lot easier!
You are able to collect your reward anytime 24 hours 365 days even if you don't have a bank account.

24 hours a day,
365 days a year,any time is OK!

You can collect your rewards at any Seven Bank ATM in the country!

You don't need a bank account!
All you need is your email address!

Receive at a Seven Bank ATM (Receive from ATM)

For: Survey participants and Influencers

ATM Collection is offered by "Seven Payment Service" and allows you to collect your reward in cash at a Seven Bank ATM inside your nearest Seven Eleven Convenience Store.

How to receive your pay
You will receive an email about payment on the 15th of the following month after finishing your work. Enter the information from the email that was sent to you into a Seven Bank ATM to receive your payment.
※Depending on your email settings, emails from YOLO JAPAN may not reach you. Please check your email settings,and please check your Junk / Spam folder to make sure the email isn’t in there.
※If you have specified a domain, please cancel it. Otherwise, please register your domain designation reception so that you can receive e-mails.


You can use any Seven Bank ATM in the country 24/7/365.
In order to collect the coins,you must go to a Seven Eleven register. If your reward includes coins,we recommend that you use a Seven Bank ATM that is located inside a Seven Eleven store.

Please bring the Coin Payment Slip to the register.

If you haven't received your coins yet, you can reprint the slip at a Seven Bank ATM.
If the collection period has passed,you will not be able to reprint it.(Collection period: 5 years from when you first print the Coin Payment Slip)

Please check the Seven Bank homepage.

You cannot charge all of your pay directly into your Nanaco card. After receiving cash from the ATM,please
charge your nanaco card. (However, you cannot charge more than ¥50,000 into your Nanaco card).

The collection period is 30 days after the email was sent out.
In the case that the collection period has passed,please contact YOLO JAPAN at 06-4302-5844.

Please contact YOLO JAPAN at 06-4302-5844.

No,there is no fee.