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We offer a variety of services for non-Japanese living in Japan.

Make use of YOLO JAPAN, and enrich your life in Japan!

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You can search for work easily

  • Support in 6 languages! From registration to the interview, no Japanese is needed.
  • No need for a resume
  • Schedule your interview easily online

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You can search for work easily
You can search by area, Japanese level, and keyword, so you can find the perfect job for you.

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that suits you!

You can search by area, Japanese level, and keyword, so you can find the perfect job for you.

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Make pocket money in your free time

YOLO JAPAN aso has a lot of temporary / one time jobs where you can make some pocket money!



Taste testing

Get compensation by simply participating in a questionnaire, interview, or taste testing.

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Full services to support your life

We offer not only work, but also a variety of services to help you in your everyday life.


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YOLO BASE, the facility for non-Japanese, is open

Japan's first inbound training facility for non-Japanese, "YOLO BASE", is open in Osaka

YOLO BASE is "A new place for non-Japanese to connect with Japan."
In order to help non-Japanese in Japan spend an enjoyable time, YOLO BASE includes a restaurant, event space, co-working space, and a hotel.
Additionally, you can find art from over 100 different artists throughout the facility, and you can enjoy your time in this extraordinary space.
YOLO BASE hosts a multitude of events, seminars, and cultural exchanges for non-Japanese,
and is providing a place for discoveries and opportunities to meet both other non-Japanese and Japanese people.

Welcome to YOLO JAPAN

YOLO JAPAN's goal is to "create a society where both Japanese people and non-Japanese can coexist."
For various reasons, such as study and work, non-Japanese are choosing to come and make a life in Japan.
Because of the influx of non-Japanese,
many Japanese companies can solve their labor shoratge issues while simultaneously making an effort to globalize.
This means that the more prosperous the lives of non-Japanese living in Japan become, the more prosperous Japan becomes.
We at YOLO JAPAN offer a variety of services for the happiness of both non-Japanese and Japanese people alike.

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