Take an advantage as a foreigner

There is a reason why foreigners choose YOLO JAPAN.
Don't you think there are limited jobs for you in Japan? The answer is NO.

"We provide various and unique jobs such as high paying survey jobs, part-time jobs for students and class A jobs which can expand your career."


" Experience something NEW and get paid?! "

Survey Jobs

Survey Jobs

- Trying new products
- Eating at restaurants
- Walking around the amusement facility
- Testing unreleased apps, etc.

They are very unique and fun!

Three benefits that will excite you

Is this really a job? What all you have to do is just “Saying your opinions.”

All you have to do is“Give your opinion.”

Japanese companies want to know what you like to eat, enjoy and where you want to go.

Good condition in a short time! There is a job like 5,000 yen per 30 minutes.

There are various one-time jobs

Our survey job is usually one-time or a short-term.You can join our survey when you have some free time.

Salary is paid in cash! You can get extra earnings.

High-paying low-stress jobs

Pays for surveys are extremely high! There is a job which pays, 5,000 yen per 30 minutes.

Online & Real survey

Online survey

Online survey is a survey that you can do at home.
Answering questions, choosing from multiple choices.
Past projects of our Online survey

Usability of the web-site

Usability of the website

Your job is to visit and check their website, and then answer some questions. Your opinion contributes in making the website useful.

Design survey

What you have to do is choose favorite design. Your 1 click can boost their sales.
Payment:¥2,000 Gift Card

Playing games and receive money?

This is what you have imagined. Playing games, answer the survey and get paid!

Real survey

Real survey is to actually try. There are chances to view products that have not been released in stores yet.
Past projects of our Real survey

Testing beauty equipments

Testing beauty equipments

You have a chance to try beauty products made for foreigners.
This is “kill two birds with one stone.” Get beautiful and get paid.
Payment:¥10,000 / 60 min

Usability test in amusement facilities

Usability test in amusement facilities

Walk around the park and find out how useful maps and signs are. This is perfect for roller coaster maniacs!
Payment:¥20,000 / 4 hours

Visit the restaurant as a customer

Visit restaurants as a customer

Your mission is to “Eat”.
Your experience makes the restaurant popular among tourists.
Payment:¥5,000 + free meal

Testing the most advanced smart phone

Testing new smart phones

Welcome, gadget lovers! You can experience the updated technology before its release.
Payment:¥8,000 / 60 min

Full-time and Part-time jobs

Full-time and Part-time jobs

Japanese companies have been globalized and they are in need of great foreigners.
YOLO JAPAN will support you by finding jobs that you can enhance your experience and language skills.

e-commerce manager

e-commerce manager<10,000,000 yen annually>

Head teacher in school

Head teacher in school<300,000 yen monthly>


Programmer<6,000,000 yen annually>


Convenience store staff<1,200 yen / Hour>


Hall staff at a Japanese restaurant<1,100 yen / Hour>

YOLO JAPAN updates more various jobs. Don’t miss it!

We support university and college students

We support university and college students

YOLO JAPAN provides seminars of employment for foreigners.
How to write resume, proper manner at interview, and Japanese culture.
We will share mindsets and techniques to pull your personality and performance 100%.