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What is a Driving Camp?

Driving camp is a program to obtain a driver's license in a short period of time by attending a driving school every day while staying at an accommodation facility.

The driving camp fee includes training fee, accommodation and food expenses, so you can get a driver's license at a cheaper price! Recommended for those who want to get a license cheaply and quickly.

Let's drive in japan!

What you can do when you get a driver's license in Japan?

What does YOLO DRIVE offer?

Are these conditions for getting a driver's license match with yours?

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What is the important things to bring when joining a driving camp?

Residence certificate Information such as nationality, visa status and expiry date needs to be included in the residence certificate
Residence card Your residence permit should be valid till the graduation date in the driving camp※If your visa application is still pending for update, please consult with us.
Seal Please remember to prepare the personal seal
(Self-inking stamp and rubber stamp is not acceptable)
Eye glasses or contact lenses(only for those with poor eyesight) The school will check your vision on the first day. For regular vehicles, the visual acuity for single eye should be over 0.3 and both eyes should be over 0.7
Extra fee to be paid by cash at school Provisional license issuance fee 1,150 yen
Provisional license test fee 1,700 yen ※A re-examination fee of 1,700 yen will be required from the second time onwards.※Some driving schools require payment at the time of enrollment and the amount vary depends on the school. Please consult before applying.

Inquiry process

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    Direct consultation

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    Driving camp plan explanation

  4. STEP 4

    Application procedure

  5. STEP 5

    Enroll a driving camp

YOLO JAPAN also has service for selling used cars and you can get ¥30,000 discount if you buy a used car after enrolling to one of the driving camps via YOLO DRIVE.
Please select【YOLO JAPAN)】when answering the question "How did you find our service?"

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Please select【YOLO JAPAN】when answering the question "How did you find our service?" from the application form.

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