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YOLO JAPAN is a company that offers support for foreign nationals in all areas of Japanese life. Whether you want to find a job,study Japanese,go somewhere fun,or need help at the hospital,YOLO JAPAN will provide everything you need for your daily life. That's why we created "YOLO BASE," the first base for foreign nationals in Japan. Please feel free to stop by with friends or family,or even by yourself.

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News / 2019.12.27

The reason that "Japan Post Yucho Bank" is popular among foreigners living in Japan is the ease of opening an account

News / 2019.12.27

According to a survey* targeting foreigners living in Japan conducted by YOLO JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Tasuke Kaji, Tokyo Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo), which operates the largest media in Japan with more than 140,000 foreign residents registered from 226 countries, almost all foreigners living in Japan have a Japanese bank account, nearly 60% of which are with Japan Post Yucho Bank.*Survey period: May 24, 2019 - June 23, 2019, Respondents: 670 YOLO JAPAN members from 75 countriesSome of the reasons Japan Post Yucho Bank is chosen is that whereas other banks require a stay of 6 months to open a bank account, Japan Post Yucho Bank only requires a stay of 3 months. In addition, not only can you apply in English, but Vietnamese and Chinese languages are also supported. Also, it came to light that foreigners appreciate that Japan Post Yucho Bank doesn't require a personal seal to open a bank account. Specifically, the following comments were received from survey respondents:"It was the only bank that I could open an account at without speaking Japanese." (Nigeria, female, 20s)"It's convenient for students because you can open an account without a personal seal or a place of employment." (Kenya, female, 20s)"I was able to apply on the internet. I applied for a bank account at another bank at the same time, but the other bank required that I stay in Japan for longer than 6 months, so I went with Japan Post Yucho Bank." (France, female, 20s)In 2nd place and lower were major banks such as Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, and others including local banks opened by foreigners who live in rural areas.The reasons for choosing these banks were the number of branches and ATMS as well as the chosen bank being the designated bank of their employer or university.Even though almost all foreigners living in Japan have bank accounts, many of those people felt that opening a bank account was difficult. The points that were difficult were cited as "The paperwork has to be filled out in Japanese," (72%, 479 people), "A personal seal was necessary," (25%, 170 people), "My stay in Japan is less than 6 months," (14%, 92 people), among others. In these respects, Japan Post Yucho Bank is popular because it meets the needs of foreigners. Other than these reasons, about a quarter of people answered, "I don't have a cell phone" (26%, 175 people) as a reason opening a bank account is difficult.In addition, we also received the following comments about the experience of opening a bank account."Since there is no 'middle name' in Japan, it was difficult to write my full name." (Philippines, female, 30s)"The waiting time was extremely long and the staff seemed to dislike dealing with foreigners. There was too much paperwork." (Vietname, female, 20s)"Due to my nationality, most banks refused to let me open a bank account." (Iran, female, 30s)YOLO JAPAN has a partnership with Seven Bank and will continue to develop various services to provide better living infrastructure in the financial field to assist foreigners living in Japan. In addition, until February 20, 2020, a campaign is now underway in which everyone who sends money overseas with Seven Bank's remittance service will be entered into a contest where 100 people will win a ¥1,000 nanaco gift card. Please see the URL below for details.

News / 2019.12.25

72% of foreigners would like to work for a delivery service and want at least 200,000 yen per month

News / 2019.12.25

YOLO JAPAN Co., Ltd. (CEO: Taisuke Kaji, Tokyo headquarters: Minato ward, hereby referred to as YOLO JAPAN), Japan's largest media outlet for foreigners living in Japan with over 130,000 users from 226 countries, conducted a survey regarding delivery services in Japan.※Survey period: September 30, 2019 - October 30, 2019 Number of participants: 915 people from 94 countries[TOPICS]1. 72% of participants would try working for a Japanese delivery service2. Main concerns regarding the job are language, familiarity with the area, and communication3. The topic of language, important as a user too4. Logistics overseas 1. 72% of participants would try working for a Japanese delivery service Despite only 10% (89) of the survey participants having experience working for a delivery service, 72% (656) participants answered that they want to try working for a delivery service in Japan, or that they would want to if the pay was good. Among those participants, the most popular answer for desired monthly pay was 200,000 to 290,000 yen with 42% (277) of the participants, followed by 300,000 to 390,000 yen (21%/141 participants) and 180,000 to 190,000 yen (11%/69 participants). The most popular types of jobs that participants wanted to work were bicycle delivery services like Uber (39%/259 participants), drivers (28%/182 participants), and motorcycle deilvery (26%/174 participants). Reasons for participants' preferred type of job included, "I want to stay in shape" (Norway, 20s, female), "I want to see various different places in Japan" (Vietnam, 30s, male), "I like riding my bike. I'm studying engineering, so I'm interested in logistics management as well" (Argentina, 20s, male), and "I want to do it as a side job to make more money" (Indonesia, 30s, female).  2. Main concerns regarding the job are language, familiarity with the area, and communication Regarding the question of whether participants had a driver's license that permitted them to drive in Japan, 29% (269) of the participants answered yes, and 34% (311) answered that they were planning to get one, meaning over 60% of participants could potentially work as drivers. On the other hand, regarding the question of whether participants had any concerns with the job, 47% (432) answered "language," 36% (332) answered "familiarity with the area," and 35% (324) answered communication. Many people were concerned about communicating in Japanese and navigating areas that they weren't familiar with.   3. The topic of language, important as a user too Regarding the question of whether participants liked Japanese delivery services, 98% (893) answered "yes." In particular, they liked that "services were fast and on schedule," that "services were friendly, polite, and safe," and that "you can request redelivery."The top 3 most often used services were Japan Post (85%/778), Kuroneko Yamato (74%/675), and Sagawa Express (54%/498). However, regarding the question of whether participants had suggestions or areas of improvement for Japanese delivery services, many people had suggestions regarding language, such as "more languages on their website" (Brazil, 20s, female) and "more delivery staff who can speak English" (Philippines, 30s, female). Other ideas to solve labor shortage and improve services were offered based on participants' home countries: "They should set up a system that sends customers a notification before their delivery so they won't miss it" (England, 30s, male), "Uber and other delivery companies should partmer up for more efficiency" (Indonesia, 20s, female) 4. Overseas logistics Regarding the question of whether participants had delivery services in their home country that weren't in Japan, there were many answers about services that used digital technology: "A bike delivery service app that lets you order food, dry cleaning, home delivery, or housework services" (Vietnam, 20s, female), "A delivery service using drones" (USA, 30s, female), "An express delivery service for food and online shopping. It's used everyday in China" (China, 20s, female), "A service that tells you the delivery time on social media. If you're not home, they'll put your package in a safe place and send you a picture" (South Korea, 30s, female).Hiring foreigners in Japan would not only increase English-speaking staff, but bring in new solutions and services. YOLO JAPAN aims to continue expanding its services, while referencing the views gathered in our surveys, in order to offer better support for foreigners living in Japan. 



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YOLO JAPAN is a "Job search site for foreign nationals" that provides support to foreign nationals who want to work in Japan.
In addition to part-time / full-time jobs, you can receive a reward by testing out a product in a survey job or do simple work as an Influencer and write your opinion about a product on social media.There are many jobs that let you have fun while working!

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