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  • Payment:¥15,000 / 120min

    Supporting friend : ¥2,000

    YOLO JAPAN is currently looking for Indonesian female candidates who usually do housework by themselves for marketing research in Tokyo, Kanagawa and Saitama area.
    We will visit candidate's residence and have an interviewing survey regarding general life style.

    Here are the details of the survey.

    -Purpose of this research: Marketing research
    -Contents: Interviewing
    -Date: 7/30 , 31, 8/1 or 2
    -Survey Duration: 120min : Will accommodate with your schedule
    -Payment: 15,000 JPY
    ( We have to take out 10.21% withholding tax from total amount of your payment.)

    *Who meets all requirements
    A: Who is a Muslim female from Indonesia between 20 and 39 years old with a valid working visa.
    B: If you are married, your husband must be also Indonesian (Unmarried is also available to apply).
    C: Who has a habit of doing housework by herself and available for a home visiting survey
    D:Who is available to communicate in English or Japanese fluently.

    Number of Applicants:4
    Job ID:168
    Application Period:2018.07.02 - 2018.08.02
    Survey conducting day: 2018/07/30, 2018/07/31, 2018/08/01, 2018/08/02

  • Payment:¥1,000 ( gift card)/ Complete the online survey

    YOLO JAPAN is looking for foreigners who live in Osaka city or Sakai city for our online survey.
    Please give your opinions to create a livable environment for foreigners in Japan!!

    *** Share house, Guest house, dormitory, UR are not applicable. Even if you complete the survey, it will be invalid.****

    Only answering 20 questions! It takes only 5min and you will get 1000yen Amazon gift card.
    You can answer anywhere and anytime with your smartphone.

    We are going to ask you about your apartment and the location, etc. This is a survey to increase livable places for foreigners.
    This time, we are only recruiting people who live at private rental apartments in Osaka city and Sakai city.
    *Please note that Public or governmental apartments such as UR do NOT apply to this survey.

    If you pass small pre-questionnaire after applying, you will receive the URL for online survey!

    *If you do not meet all requirements or not answer all questions correctly, your answer will be invalid.

    ※Who meets all those requirements
    A:Who is NOT Japanese.
    B:Who has a valid working visa/permission.
    C:Who lives at a private rental apartment (NOT governmental or public apartments such as UR).
    D:Who lives in Osaka city or Sakai city.

    Number of Applicants:115
    Job ID:11
    Application Period:2018.07.01 - 2018.07.31