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  • Payment:¥7,000 / 30min

    Currently we are looking for Middle Eastern male candidates who usually shape their beards.
    We will have a survey for market research in Osaka.

    Here are the details of the survey.

    -Purpose of this research: Product marketing and development
    -Contents: Testing new products
    -Date: 12/1
    -Survey Duration: 30 min
    -Location: In Osaka city
    -Payment: 7,000 JPY plus transportation.
    ( We have to take out 10.21% withholding tax and bank transferring fee from the total amount of your payment.)

    **** Conditions for participation ****

    A: Middle Eastern male who has a shaped beard in his 20's, 30' or 40's.
    B: Must shape his beard regularly with his own grooming tools ( electric shaver, beard trimmer or safety razor).
    C: Who has a valid working visa.
    D: Who is able to use sample shavers to shape his beard.

    Number of Applicants:10
    Job ID:124
    Application Period:2017.11.23 - 2017.11.30
    Survey conducting day: 2017/12/01

  • Payment:¥97,000 / 3 nights 4 days

    We are currently looking for Caucasian males for clinical trials in Osaka.
    If you pass a medical checkups, you will stay in a hospital for 3 nights and 4 days for the clinical trial.
    During the trial, 3 meals a day will be served and you will spend your time comfortably since the facility has shower rooms, game/manga room and also studying room.
    However, please be aware that you are not allowed to go out during the trial.
    You are also supposed to participate with a post-test in February.

    Here are the details.

    -Date:1/25~1/28(3 nights and 4 days)Plus 2 medical checkups in January and February
    -Location:In Osaka city
    -Payment: ¥97,000(No tax deduction so you will need to claim the tax return by yourself)
    ( *If you don't pass the checkups screening, you will still receive 5000yen)

    The investigational product is examined in terms of it's safety, efficacy, optimal done, dosage regimen and other properties.
    It is a safety environment so you can comfortably participate with the trial.

    A: Caucasian males with healthy condition between 20 to 45 years old.
    B: Who does not have any chronic illness or disease.
    C: BMI(Body mass index) has to be between 18.0-30.0.
    ※BMI= (weight)kg ÷ (height)m2 If you do not know how to calculate, please give us your weight(kg) and height (cm).
    D: Who is available to open his schedule completely during the trial.

    Number of Applicants:20
    Job ID:120
    Application Period:2017.11.02 - 2017.12.31
    Survey conducting day: 2018/01/25, 2018/01/26, 2018/01/27, 2018/01/28, 2018/02/02

  • Payment:¥15,000 /150 min

    We are looking for Black African/African American candidates for a facial recognition system survey.
    You will test the application by moving and showing various sides of your face in front of cameras.
    It's a very simple job!!
    We will have a screening first to choose participants.

    Here are the details of the survey.

    -Contents: Data sampling
    -Date: One week day between 11/ 6~11/28 *Only weekday
    -Survey Duration: 150 min * You will participate at one of these time slots.
    ①9:30~ ②13:00~ 

    -Location: In Kyoto ( Along the JR Gakkentoshi line or Kintetsu Kyoto line)
    -Payment: 15,000 JPY *Transportation fee will NOT be reimbursed
    ( We have to take out 10.21% withholding tax from total amount of your payment and also bank transferring fee.)

    A: Black African or African American.
    B: A valid working visa.
    C: Does not have any problem to show a whole face and hair to any third parties for any religious issues.
    D: Available to communicate in English or Japanese fluently.

    Number of Applicants:34
    Job ID:118
    Application Period:2017.10.06 - 2017.11.28
    Survey conducting day: 2017/11/06, 2017/11/07, 2017/11/08, 2017/11/09, 2017/11/10, 2017/11/13, 2017/11/14, 2017/11/15, 2017/11/16, 2017/11/17, 2017/11/20, 2017/11/21, 2017/11/22, 2017/11/24, 2017/11/27, 2017/11/28