News / 2021.10.12

To commemorate surpassing 200,000 foreign resident members, we will be adding a scouting function!

The number of registered members of YOLO JAPAN, one of Japan's largest media for foreign residents of Japan, has surpassed 200,000!

To commemorate this, we will greatly increase the number of jobs that you can apply for starting October 18, 2021, and we will also add a new scouting function!

■ New function: Scouting function

The scouting function is a new feature that allows companies to send job offers directly to foreign residents they want to hire. Since the offer comes directly from the company, your chances of getting hired go way up!

To increase your chances of being hired, thoroughly fill in your profile and residence card information ★ With the number of job listings increasing, now is your chance! 

Fill in your profile

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