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News / 2022.02.21

A new scout function has been added!

A new function has been added to YOLO JAPAN's job ad service!

What's the scout function?

It's a service where your profile information is sent to companies looking to hire part-time or full-time workers so they can send you a job offer directly. Since the company approaches you first, your chances of getting hired are much higher. Use our new scout function for free!

 Of all the companies with job listings posted on YOLO JAPAN,

 1 in 4 of them are using the scout function!


Hiring process when using the scout function

Only 3 steps to the interview!

1. Register for the scout function 
2. Wait for offers from companies♪ 
3. When you receive an offer from a company, apply!
Then you're off to your interview!

Up your chances of getting hired by both applying to positions yourself & receiving offers from companies!

Click here to start using the scout function



Features of the scout function