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News / 2022.03.07

YOLO JAPAN will start the sale of foods and condiments!

YOLO JAPAN Inc. will be offering the sale of foods and condiments, a service aimed toward foreign residents starting March 7, 2022.

YOLO JAPAN has been providing information on rental properties for foreign residents, job information for foreign residents, and prepaid cards with a post-payment function that can be created using only a residence card.  We have done these in an effort to solve various problems that foreign residents face from the time they enter Japan up to the time they settle down in here.  Issues we have helped out with include such things as language barriers, credit history, and cultural diferences.

In a survey of 136 foreign resident members registered with YOLO JAPAN, 97% of respondents said they would like to eat food from their home country even in Japan, while 81% of respondents said "high prices" was a problem when buying condiments from their home country in Japan. Those who actually buy condiments from their home country in Japan account for 88% of all respondents. This indicates that many foreign residents of Japan have to pay high prices when making food from their home country as part of their daily lives, this is an issue that increases living costs.

Many foreign residents purchase from online stores such as Amazon and overseas shopping sites to lower their living costs, but in reality, prices are relatively high because stores need to factor in import costs, shipping fees, and packaging fees to their prices. Through collaboration with a company that has secured sales channels for local Vietnamese companies, YOLO JAPAN is able to purchase foreign foods and condiments at low prices, keep shipping and packaging fees as low as possible, and offer products at 20% to 30% lower than market prices.

This service currently focuses on Vietnamese foods and condiments aimed toward the many Vietnamese living in Japan, but there are plans to carry foodstuffs from around the world in the future. YOLO JAPAN will continue to provide not only infrastructure, but also provide support for the dining tables of foreign residents and will continue to contribute to making Japan a comfortable place to live for foreign residents.

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