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News / 2022.03.17

We now offer a used home appliance sales and buyback service!

YOLO JAPAN Co., Ltd. has collaborated with Treasure Factory Co., Ltd., who offers sales and mobile buyback of home appliance sets, and has launched a service for foreign residents that both sells used home appliance sets and buys back your used home appliances. YOLO JAPAN aims to provide low-cost appliances, mainly for international students and specified skills workers who will only stay in Japan for a few years, as well as provide a sustainable service by buying back appliances, cleaning them, and reselling them in order to prevent appliances from becoming garbage.

In other countries, many rental properties come furnished, but most rental properties in Japan do not. Because of this, many foreign residents, who do not need high-performance or high-cost appliances, are forced to buy multiple appliances at a high cost. Many foreign residents try to get appliances through acquaintances or events held by foreign communities in their region, but it is difficult for people who have just arrived in Japan and do not know many people to go to these abruptly-held events or find all the appliances they need there. Additionally, issues tend to arise when not knowing how to throw away oversized garbage prior to leaving Japan.

In addition to providing rental property information, YOLO JAPAN, who operates one of Japan's biggest media sites for foreigners with 210,000 members from 226 countries, has collaborated with Treasure Factory to allow foreign residents to purchase the home appliances necessary for living alone, in multiple languages. This scheme also allows for buyback of appliances in order to create less garbage.

YOLO JAPAN is committed to SDG goal #12, "Responsible consumption and production," and continues to contribute to a sustainable Japan where foreign residents can live comfortably.