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News / 2022.04.20

【To all international students】YOLO JAPAN supports all international students giving it their best in Japan!

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In order to improve the lives of international students that have just come to Japan as well as international students that are already living in Japan, YOLO JAPAN offers a variety of services. We plan to continue offering different services to help international students in Japan, so register to become a member and start using them today★

■Why YOLO JAPAN has been chosen by international students for 4 years in a row

① YOLO JAPAN, a site exclusively for foreign residents offered in 6 different languages

More than 210,000 registered members!One of Japan's biggest portal sites, with the ability to search in Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, English, and Japanese!

② Cheap SIM cards exclusively for foreign residents that you can apply for in 6 different languages

Shipped as soon as the same day with free shipping!You can rest assured knowing that after you apply customer support is available in English, Chinese, and Vietnamese!

③ A pre-paid card with a post-payment function for emergencies

When you run out of cash and are in a pinch, you can still shop!Apply easily online with no screening process to get a convenient card with a post-payment function!

④ A recuitment site where all listed companies are looking to hire foreign residents

From application to interview in 6 languages, you can set it all up with just a click!Many former international students have found jobs through YOLO JAPAN!

⑤ Secondhand home appliance sets sure to make international students happy

Helping international students by offering free delivery and free installation♡You can get ready-to-use furniture and appliances together in one set, perfect for living alone!

⑥ Make spare cash in your free time through online surveys.

Haven't you ever wanted money in addition to your regular paycheck?Get the chance to win rewards just by participating in a survey or interview!

⑦ A real-estate site with only properties that welcome foreign residents

A lot of properties that don't require a guarantor are also available, so international students can also rent them!You can rest assured knowing you'll have support in 11 languages to help you with difficult contracts!

What to do when you first get to Japan? Register with YOLO JAPAN

Use the services YOLO JAPAN has to offer and make the most of your life as an international student!