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News / 2022.04.22

Attention★YOLO JAPAN's job search function has evolved!

YOLO JAPAN's job search function has evolved!

Now you can choose your desires and likes to display jobs that fit you! "Simply have fun choosing tags you like! Start searching now!"

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《How to use the new job search function》

■Basic Steps

STEP 1: Answer whether you're searching for a job anywhere in the country └ If you said "Yes" → go to STEP 3 └ If you said "No" → go to STEP 2 STEP 2: Choose where you want to search for a job STEP 3: Choose the things that are important to you in searching for a job STEP 4: Choose things that you're interested in STEP 5: Choose things you're picky about After you finish STEP 1-5, you can see a list of job ads that suit you.

■Other search methods ① Job tag search

Choose tags you're interested in from the unique job tags separated by category and "Search".

② Keyword search

You can enter a keyword in the search bar. Job tags related to that keyword will be displayed, so you can choose the perfect ones for you and "Search".

③ Search history

Up to 3 searches will be saved. Make use of it so that you can keep searching using the same conditions as many times as you want!

《Convenient functions》


Add job listings you like to your "Favorites" and look over them again at a later time. You can click the "Apply to all" button from your Favorites page, so it's extremely convenient! *You must be logged in to use the Favorites function.

Use the "Tag search" and "Favorites" functions to quickly search for jobs that fit you whenever you want!

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