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News / 2022.12.12

【The 5th International cafeteria at YOLO BASE】Will be held on January 20th, 2023 (Fri) !


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What is the International Cafeteria?

"Just having a full stomach makes us happy" is the phrase that started the International Cafeteria at YOLO BASE.

Anyone from any age group, irregardless of nationality can come together and enjoy a warm meal.

A space to gather together around a warm meal.

A space to have fun and learn Japanese at the same time.

A space to meet companies and expand future opportunities.

We offer this space through "International cafeteria".

Video produced by:LEGO

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☆Event Outline☆

Date and time

January 20th, 2023 (Fri)

6:00PM - 8:00PM (doors open at 5:45PM)


New adults (those who are newly turning 20) living in Naniwa Ward

Non-Japanese people in Naniwa Ward, and non-Japanese people living in Japan


YOLO BASE 3 Chome-13-24 Ebisunishi, Naniwa Ward, Osaka, 556-0003

(Nearby stations: 7-minute walk from the Nankai Railway Shin-Imamiya Station, 10-minute walk from the Osaka Metro Dōbutsuen-mae Station)





In collaboration with

Mononobe Company Inc,

Peach Aviation Limited,

Osaka Palcoop,

Miura Peninsula Food Store,

Hello My Beat Corporation,


Daiichigakuin High School,

Hakuto Gakuin Kenkoku High School,

Osaka City Naniwa Ward Office

(Thursday, April 15, 2021 - Signing of a Comprehensive Partnership Agreement)


Sign up below and come to YOLO BASE at the scheduled time and date.

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☆Event schedule

17:45~ Doors open

18:00~ International cafeteria starts! Enjoy food and conversing with each other

19:00~ Recreational Activities・Performance

20:00   End

☆Special content

Coming of Age Ceremony

Naniwa Ward's Mayor and Naniwa Ward's character Nadeko-chan will also be joining us!

<Peach's ticket special offer>

~Only the first 10 customers will receive 1000 Peach Points! ~

This is a special offer only at the International cafeteria!

Anyone who books an airline ticket on the spot will get 1000 Peach Points!

If you're thinking of traveling, please consider it!

<New Year's Celebration Paint Performance & Scary Portrait Corner>

~Scary Portrait Painter  神野翼~


This time International Cafeteria will be very special. There will be live painting on the main stage! 

With just one 500 yen coin, you can enter the booth, and a scary portrait will be painted especially for you! 

<Self photobooth>

~This time at International Cafeteria we have a Self photobooth! ~

Let's take lots of pictures inside the booth and create memories of Interntional Cafeteria. Don't forget to share!

You can have up to 5 people per group.

Decide if you want to recieve the photo on the spot, or visa E-mail later!

Share it on Social Media with the hashtag #YOLOENJOY

Japanese Language Exchange and Recreation>

~The event where you can enjoy chatting and learning with Japanese people~

The key to learning a language is to enjoy it.

We offer recreational activities to enjoy communication.

Through interaction with the Japanese staff running the event and other participants, let's grow our community!

<Matching with companies>

~Even before the interview, start by "getting to know each other"~

Recruiting companies will also be attending International cafeteria at YOLO BASE!

Through a casual conversation that isn't an interview, start to understand each other.

When you both think "I'd like to get to know them more," that often leads to landing a job.

 <Healthcare Consultation>

〜Consultation of body and heart by a nurse〜
Since I came to Japan, I haven't been able to find someone to talk to.
It is scary to go to a hospital in Japan, which has a different medical system.
We will hold free consultations by Japanese nurses who have also studied abroad!
(Supported languages: Japanese, English)

* Click here for advance reservations ▼

Counseling Reservation Form

<Fun contents>

~Let's make memories with activities that can only do here~

Art Exploration Game
YOLO BASE is filled with the most stylish art.
Fill your mind with art as you search for the indicated patterns!
Be sure to take a picture of your favorite artwork!

You can play billiards with your dining companions!

There are so many reasons to attend the "International Cafeteria at YOLO BASE"!

★You can eat a delicious meal for free
★You can make both foreign and Japanese friends
★You can talk to someone about your worries
★You can learn fun, natural Japanese
★You can talk to companies and raise your chances of getting a job

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Infection Control
Location: YOLO BASE
3 Chome-13-24 Ebisunishi, Naniwa Ward, Osaka, 556-0003
Nearby stations:
7-minute walk from the Nankai Railway Shin-Imamiya Station,
10-minute walk from the Osaka Metro Dōbutsuen-mae Station

In collaboration with

YOLO JAPAN Co., Ltd. is committed

to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).