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News / 2023.01.13

YOLO JAPAN website is now easier to use!

Thank you for using YOLO JAPAN.We are pleased to announce that the YOLO JAPAN website is now easier to use!

Here are two things that have made it easier to use, so please give it a try!

①The site speed is now faster!

The speed when navigating through the pages has increased by about 5 times!

Fast and stress-free ✨

We plan to make it even faster, so look forward to that!

②Job tags are now easier to read!

YOLO JAPAN's job search is unique because you can choose any job tag you like!

However, there were about 500 job tags and 60 categories to choose from, so they were hard to choose from.

So now...

There are about 200 job tags

and 11 categories

making the job tags and categories much easier to look through!

Start searching for jobs now on the easier to use YOLO JAPAN!

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YOLO JAPAN uses online surveys to ask for suggestions on how to improve the website!

We will continue to make the site easier to use based on your opinions, so your cooperation is much appreciated♡

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