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Column / 2019.08.06

【Questionnaire Results】Sharing things that foreigners have trouble with/want from hospitals!

The hospital: You use it when you or your family get sick and when you want to have something checked.
Are Japanese hospitals kind to foreigners and easy to use?
Also, how many foreigners are actually going to their yearly health checkups?
In order to understand the current situation, YOLO JAPAN has asked foreigners living in Japan about "Japanese Health Support."

Ranking of difficulties when using the hospital is as follows: 1st place: I can't speak Japanese/There's no one available that can speak a foreign language (264 people, 50%) 2nd place: I don't know which type of clinic to go to (156 people, 29%) 3rd place: The waiting time is long (137 people, 26%) 4th place: The fee/insurance is expensive (120 people, 23%) In addition, over 80% of people that answered said that they were aware that it was mandatory to get health insurance if you stay in Japan for longer than 3 months, and over 90% actually had health insurance. The ranking for other insurances which foreigners have joined voluntarily is: 1st place: Medical insurance (398 people, 75%) 2nd place: Death insurance (78 people, 15%) 3rd place: Educational insurance (66 people, 12%) FYI: Here is a site with information about medical institutions that can accept foreigners https://www.jnto.go.jp/emergency/jpn/mi_guide.html