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Column / 2023.05.29

【Medical Care in Japan】Going to a hospital

Have you ever been to a hospital in Japan?

If you suddenly get a fever or injured in a foreign country, you may feel uneasy.

Will they understand what I'm saying? Will they give me medicine?

But don't worry! Read this column and let's go to the hospital!




■ What you need when you go to a hospital


・Cash ※Many hospitals do not accept credit cards.

Health Insurance Card


What is 健康保険証(けんこうほけんしょう)- health insurance card?

People who have health insurance have this card. Everyone living in Japan must have health insurance. You can get it at the company you work for or at the government office. If you have a health insurance card, your company and the government will pay 70% of the hospital bill.

You can go to a hospital without a health insurance card, but you have to pay for everything yourself."



■ If you go to a hospital


1. Go to the reception desk

Tell them why you came to the hospital.


2. Fill out 問診票(もんしんひょう) - medical questionnaire

Write down your name, date of birth, address, your sickness, when it started, etc.

It is very easy to make a medical questionnaire with YOLO MEDICAL and bring it with you. You can choose one from 17 available languages and create a questionnaire in Japanese.


3. Get a 診察(しんさつ)- medical examination

When they call your name, please enter the examination room.

Tell the doctor about the symptoms of your sickness in detail.

Don't forget to tell them if you have any allergies or currently on medications.


4. Pay the consultation fee and get a 処方箋(しょほうせん)- prescription

If you get medicine, make sure to get a prescription for it.

It will be slightly cheaper if you have a prescription record, so make sure to show it.


What is a prescription?

A piece of paper with various medicine written on it. It contains information written by the doctor about medicines that are suitable for your illness or injury. You will not be able to get medicine without this paper, so do not lose it.


5. Get medicine at the pharmacy

Go to the pharmacy appointed by the hospital.

Show the prescription and buy the medicine.






Q: Which one should I bring to the hospital?

①Residence Card


③Health Insurance Card











  The answer is?★












③Health Insurance Card


If you are unemployed or don't get a health insurance card from your company, you must enroll in the National Health Insurance. Bring your residence card and passport to the government office and apply there.


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