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Column / 2023.10.03

【User who passed the JLPT】How did you pass N2?

JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is a test to check your Japanese language level. In Japanese, it is called 日本語能力試験(にほんご のうりょく しけん).  In Japan, the tests are held twice a year, in July and December. This time, we will share an interview with user T, who passed JLPT N3 and N2!

■ Please tell us your impressions after taking the test.
December 2019 Passed
Impressions: I am Chinese-Vietnamese, therefore I can understand Chinese. The test was easy because the meanings of the kanji and Chinese characters are similar.

July 2023 Passed
Impression: I took the test 4 times and finally passed. The level was different from N3. The president of my company said he would give me a raise if I passed the test, so I studied a lot the fourth time. I was very happy that I passed the exam.

■ How did you study to pass N2?
1. Make a schedule
I made a schedule for what I was going to study and reviewed it the next day.
For example, I study kanji today and review it the next day, then I study grammar and review it the next day.

2. Learn with videos
I watch videos and memorize grammar.
It is difficult to learn correct grammar in daily life, so I watch YouTube videos to learn grammar.

3. Use the app
I use an app called ABEMA that allows you to watch various videos.
I listen to it when I have time or when I am cooking.

■ How much did you study to pass N2?
I studied two or three times a week because I was studying other things as well as Japanese.
On the days I studied, I worked hard for about an hour a day.

■ What is the important thing to study Japanese?
It is important to talk a lot with Japanese people.
When I was in Vietnam, I joined a Japanese language club once a week.
I talked with many Japanese people on a variety of topics.

It is also important to set a schedule and study little by little.

■ Are you glad you took the test?
Yes, I did. I felt more confident.
I got a higher salary at my job because I passed the N2.  It is beneficial to my career.

I am currently working at a duty-free shop.
When I speak with staff, it is in Japanese, so I sometimes use the language I studied in N2.
Also, all of the store's video manuals and cash register buttons are written in Japanese, so I was able to study for N2 quickly.

■ Advice for those who are about to take the test!
If you pass the test, you will feel even more confident in your Japanese.
If you are taking N3 or higher, plan your timetable and study!

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