News / 2019.10.04

"YOLO MOBILE," the SIM card for foreigners, now being sold nationwide~No bank account necessary! Buy a SIM card online with support in multiple languages~

Online applications for the SIM card "YOLO MOBILE" have begun.

Additionally, from September 28 of this year, customers may also buy the SIM card at the inbound training facility, "YOLO BASE" in Shin-Imamiya, Osaka.
Therefore, not only YOLO JAPAN members, but guests staying at the YOLO HOTEL attached to YOLO BASE can purchase a SIM card too.

Features of "YOLO MOBILE powered by JP MOBILE" that's sold by YOLO JAPAN

1) Support available in multiple languages when applying (3 languages: Vietnamese, Chinese, and English)
2) You don't need a credit card or bank account; apply with your residence card
3) As the SIM card provides access to NTTdocomo's mobile network, you will be able to use your phone all over Japan
4) There's no 2 year contract or restriction on the contract period, so you can end your contract anytime
5) Same day shipping, free shipping

Payment plans

3GB: ¥2,480 / month
6GB: ¥3,280 / month
12GB: ¥4,480 / month
20GB: ¥5,980 / month

※In addition to the above costs, there is an initial ¥3,000 contract handling fee, domestic phone calls cost ¥20 / 30 seconds, text messages cost ¥3-¥30, and international text messages cost ¥100-¥1,000.
※The above prices do not include tax.

You can apply from here. (URL:

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